This Crazy Week

Yesterday, I officially worked out for the first time since I got sick last Fall. I mean, I did some walking and stuff in September/October, but the weather and my timing just made things too complicated. One of the teachers knew a trainer who was willing to come to school and lead a workout--sounds like something different every week--so I'll be doing that once a week. It's about the same cost as joining a class somewhere else, and a bit more convenient.

It wasn't bad, but unfortunately I'd been feeling a sore throat coming on all day, and by the time I got home, I knew it was more than that. I was a little afraid it was strep again, because I had a temperature when I got up this morning, so I stayed home. I hated doing that--I'm always nervous calling in sick from work, especially my first year on a job--but this is the only day I don't have classes scheduled, so this would be the day to miss. Judging by how well the sore throat responded to cold medicine, I'm pretty sure it's not strep.

So, I slept, entertained The Cat, ran the dishwasher. All in all, not much of a day, which is why I don't consider sick days real vacation.

Only two more work days to go. On Friday, my fourth graders will be doing a Social Studies presentation that they researched in my class, so I can't wait to see how they do. I'm worried for a few of them, but some of them are going to be pretty amazing, I think.

Of course, I have lunch duty with them right beforehand, so I'm guessing some of them might spill the beans about their presentations. They do like to talk. And I do like to listen!


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