This Weekend: Done and Not Done

Done: Four loads of laundry
Not Done: Putting away four loads of laundry (I dragged them across a parking lot and up two flights of stairs; isn't that enough for one day?)

Done: Watching most of the Puppy Bowl (including the Kitten Halftime Show). Yeah, I miss Harry Kalas a lot.
Not Done: Watching most of the Super Bowl (are the Peas' 15 minutes up yet???)

Done: Returning phone message left with my parents by someone from whom I haven't heard in years (and wondering if it's just about getting an interview about my California trip)
Not Done: Receiving phone call from person after having left a message on said person's answering machine

Done: Receipt of $7 check from The Cat's insurance as reimbursement for $35 medicine
Not Done: Deposit of check (Would you run right out for $7? Especially if you're waiting for another reimbursement based on her next round of tests?)

Done: Survival of a Monday with the deadly combination of being the day after the Super Bowl and the first day of a drastically changed schedule for the fourth graders. Oh, and the library secretary was home with a stomach bug.
Not Done: Remembering to give homework to today's section of sixth graders so they are finally caught up with the other two sections. (Dammit!!!!!)

Done: Finding a St. Valentine's Day card to send to my great-aunt.
Not Done: Figuring out how to wrap the accompanying chocolates so they don't get smashed in the mail.


Anonymous said…
I'm really good about getting laundry clean... not so great about folding it and putting it away ;)

And we recently got a check for $4.60 for one of our (obviously awesome) investments. It is also, not deposited yet!
ccr in MA said…
Isn't it amazing how hard it is to get the Done list ahead of the Not Done?
Dave E. said…
Folding laundry is highly overrated.

Pulling shirts out of the dryer and hanging them up at just the right moment to avoid having to iron them, now that's an incredibly important skill.
Rob said…
At least, you have a ball game, Kate. Not done is killing done here. Not even close.
Red Stethoscope said…
Aww, I love that you are sending your Great Aunt a V-day card! And yes, dragging laundry across the parking lot and then up the stairs is plenty enough for one day! I remember those days well. Now, I have a washer/dryer in my apartment, but there are still days when I'm too tired to put away the clean laundry. (Has anything come to halting stop because it sits in the basket for one or two days, you ask? Not yet. :D)
Kate P said…
Angela--That's right, clean is the goal. . . the folded/put away parts are bonus. And I guess at this point in time, we should celebrate getting a piddly check vs. nothing at all!

CCR--I think the Not Done list grows exponentially the minute I'm not looking.

Dave--yeah, who needs to fold when you can throw things on a hanger?

Red Stethoscope--welcome and thanks for commenting! I turned down the in-apartment washer/dryer because I needed the closet space more. Don't you find them loud? Anyway, you're right that the world hasn't stopped; however, I'm not doing so great with getting dressed quickly in the morning from all the digging. :)
Kate P said…
Whoops, I missed Rob.

Rob--I need a referee for this game!

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