Survived the Move!

But not unscathed. . . 24 hours before the move, some dude rear-ended my car with his truck while I was on my way to church.

I couldn't get out of that town fast enough, I guess. (I'm O.K., back of car is really banged up and I have one working brake light. Cosmetic, the dude said. Either he was hung over or needed that morning coffee and paper very badly.)

I'm just coming up for air briefly--still have one more paper to write this week and then I'm done for the quarter. More details soon, but I already found out I officially have an "A" in one of my classes!

Oh, and my SIL still hasn't had the baby yet. Two weeks past the due date, and her mother wants to go home--apparently whether or not the baby's here. I think they really bank on my mom's perceived availability far too much. They have no idea how lucky they are. Mom has been a big help with the move, and if she hadn't been here yesterday I probably wouldn't have made myself keep my composure after spilling a 20 ounce soda on my front passenger seat. Yeah, it's been one thing after the other this week. And I am so ready to hit the hay right now.


Mr. Bingley said…
Congrats on the "A"! And sorry about the car; jeesh, when it rains it pours sometimes. But behind every cloud...

Have a blessed Easter.
Kate P said…
Thanks. That picture is amazing!

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