"What is it?" "Her resume."

"Smells good." Can you guess what I'm working on this afternoon?

Sorry things have been on the quiet side lately--Tuesday was a trivia night (I have to post about that at some point), Wednesday was Ash Wednesday (as most of you probably know), The Cat was demanding food every hour I was home, and work was overall trying. Younger Sister also breezed in for a quick visit Saturday and Sunday. She won Scrabble Friday night; I won last night. A good way to wrap things up.

My rent goes up next month. . . trying to update things and apply for jobs. I don't know what's making me more tense--the possibility of starting over somewhere else, or the possibility of being here another year and barely scraping by. (And I guess I should add the possibility of all the rejection.) I mean, I know there are dues to be paid in the early years of a new career, but lately I just feel a bit frustrated and demoralized, and wonder if this is where I should be working--not just at a specific place, but also in the field in general. The drop in pay just compounds it this time around.

So I'll be here at the laptop, agonizing over how lame my cover letters sound, feeling paralyzed by overthinking everything, and just trying my hardest to trust that God wants to give me good things, and has me right where He wants me.

And I'll end up in the best place for me, to give me what I need, at this point in my life.


ccr in MA said…
I was going to guess "Having a Legally Blonde marathon", but on reflection, no. Good luck! Get it as good as you can stand to, and let it go.

WVW: rament. The feeling you have when all there is to eat in the house is ramen noodles.
Rob said…
You're not the only person questioning career choices these days, Kate. It's tough right now.

Kate P said…
CCR--I found a typo! Well, it was just the word "information" for the word "informal" that somehow still made a little sense. But I caught it, so goody. Thanks for the advice.

Rob--That's so true. Thank you.
Dave E. said…
Good luck with your search, Kate. When my sister changed careers and became a teacher a few years ago she struggled some also. Now her third year is going well and she feels really good about things. Except for money. She's scraping by but has student loans and stuff. One thing on her side is that, provided she doesn't get laid off(and she did just get some form of "tenure"), she can see a likely financial future that works for her. Can your current job give something similar or is it just too unpleasant there to stay?
Kate P said…
Dave, the money situation is a big hardship. And that's with my parents' taking over my grad school loan, and my doing the laundry at their house (comes with dinner!), and. . . you get the picture. I took almost a 10K pay cut. I'm not contributing anything to retirement right now. If I could find a side job, I could offset it, but I haven't found anything yet.

Next year at my school, the pay scale would give me about another 700 bucks. That's it. I think I have to get back into the public school system, much as I think many things are not right about it.

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