Definitely Something

The doctors decided to induce labor--which I find odd, because my previous two nephews arrived via C-section (car accident precaution for first one, failed induction for very late second one) and also because I would think high blood pressure would not be a fan of labor.  But what do I know?

So there should be a new arrival later today.  My parents probably have the kiddos for another day at least (Older Brother's going to get them excused from school), and Oldest Nephew I think will be staying with his dad, who will get him to school.

Of course, my SIL's parents are not able to come right now--mother's got bronchitis.  It's always something.  (Seriously. Last time around, she came around the time of the supposed due date and then left because she got tired of waiting--so Easter weekend, my parents had their hands full.)  And it's always my parents.  So far the kids are doing all right, but of course they were left to pack their own bags (seriously? kids under 7 know what to bring?) and the cats are all freaked out because they want to be left alone and the kids are a little rough with them.  Everyone's a little out of sorts.

I did help keep Youngest Nephew occupied during Mass while the other guys drew pictures, and then I took Niece to go pick out bagels for brunch.  (Hey, she knows what everyone likes.)  They ate like champions and hopefully after a bit of playing/helping my dad rake leaves, they'll all take a nap.  I think they need it.  I know my parents do!

We're all excited, nervous, tired, and praying a lot that everyone comes through O.K.



Anonymous said…
I hope everything turns out okay!
Dave E. said…
Yeah, I'm hoping things are going okay too.
Kate P said…
Thank you! The update's posted!

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