The Maiden Aunt's Little Bunny. . .

. . . BOY.

Yeah, he's got a slightly funny name, as per his parents' M.O.--although familiar, because somehow Older Brother forgot one of our cousins' boys has the same name.  Oh well, it's all good.

I went to bed around 10 p.m.,  not having heard anything since my mom relayed that message about induction.  (I later found out my mom had tried calling and e-mailing me while I was getting ready for bed, because she hadn't heard anything, either.)  It was just so nerve-wracking, but I was worn out and had to sleep.  So off to bed I went, with my cell phone on my nightstand.  I don't normally do that in case a wrong number or an errant text comes up in the middle of the night.

And of course, a text alert wakes me up at about 1:00 a.m.  It's Older Brother, messaging both me and Younger Sister (I think, because he said "Dear Aunties") to tell us our new little nephew was born at about 10:30 p.m., and promising photos.  He probably had no idea what time it was at that point!  (Two words: failed induction.  And two more: inevitable c-section.)

Now, Bunny's a little small, being so early, and he's having some help with his breathing, but don't let that fool you: He is just a shade under FIVE POUNDS.  Apparently the nurses have given him a nickname alluding to his size, because he is the "big guy" of the NICU.  (Like, seriously, if he'd gone to his alleged due date, he probably would've been a butterball.)

Right before I left work this morning, I checked my home e-mail, and sure enough, there was a photo.  (If you're sensitive or easily freaked out by medical stuff, you might want to page past it.)

He's got a nice head of hair, don'tcha think?

They're saying he might have to stay three weeks in the hospital, but I'd really love to have him home for Thanksgiving.  You know, so we can pass him around more times than a bowl of stuffing.  I forwarded the photo up to my work laptop, so he's my background photo now, and I asked our Religious Ed coordinator to announce him as a prayer intention.  I figure 500 people "praying him home" might work.

The kiddos are excited about their little brother, but they seem a bit homesick from being at my parents' and not seeing Mommy and Daddy for so long. . . and now we have no idea how long that's going to go on.  I hope not long, for their sake and for my parents'.  It's exhausting, and Mom had to miss book club tonight.  I am going to try to steal her away for the gym tomorrow.

I, too, while a happy auntie, am quite tired.  But totally eager to meet this little one.



Solitary Diner said…
Congratulations Auntie! So exciting. Hoping everything is well and that he's home soon.
Kate P said…
Thank you, S.D.! You are one of the people unfazed by medical equipment, I know. :) He's in one of the best hospitals in the city, so that's a very good thing.
Dave E. said…
Great news. Count me in with the unfazed too, because all of that is life, or at least a chance at it, to so many babies who might otherwise might not have it. God bless those who work the NICU.
ccr in MA said…
Congratulations, auntie-again! For such a preemie, he really looks good. And yes, lots of hair!

(For some reason, easily-squicked-by-most-things me is not bothered by the stuff in the picture. I never said I made sense.)
Sara said…
I'm glad it turned out well! I was anxiously awaiting your update (and peeved that I keep reading your blog at work during breaks and run out of time before I can comment).

First you say that he would be a butterball if he went to term, and then you mention passing him around at Thanksgiving. Mmmm-hmmm. *raises eyebrow*
Angela Noelle said…
Awwww, congratulations!! He's an adorable, tiny little thing! I hope you get some baby cuddles to be thankful for on Thanksgiving :)
Kate P said…
Dave--thanks and yeah, they are taking good care of him in the NICU. I'm glad they have a sense of humor and gave him a nickname.

CCR--thanks! I guess it could be a lot scarier of a picture than it actually is. They were quite neat about how they placed his heart monitor and breathing tube tape.

Sara--well, I'm glad you got the chance to comment! He has license to become a butterball now that he's, you know, OUTSIDE. My mom said she can't get over how skinny his arms and legs are. Gotta get him to proper baby chubbiness.

Angela--thanks! (It's hard to remember he's tiny when the NICU nurses say he's the biggest one there. . . and then my SIL sent photos today of her holding him, and oh yeah, he's little!) I hope he can come home soon, too!
Just found this...keeping the little guy in my prayers. He's about as early as my imp was, but about a pound heavier. Cute little guy.
Kate P said…
Thanks, HH--yeah, he's sorta big for a preemie, huh?
My little guy was big for a preemie his age. Yours is huge.
Kate P said…
Ha! And yet they STILL have to keep him in the hospital until he gains more weight (and he gets good enough at nursing to ditch the feeding tube).

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