Revised Thanksgiving Shopping List

Originally, my shopping list was "Posterboard, cat food, and beer."  Awesome, right?

Well, errands ran a bit late this morning, and I ran out of steam (read: needed lunch) before I got to picking up the beer.

And that turned out to be O.K., because when I checked in with my parents, it turned out that the conversation we'd had the other night that ended in my dad's tossing off a slightly irritated, "It makes no sense for you to get it, because [Older Brother] can get it from work!" somehow made him actually ask Older Brother to do so. . . only no one mentioned that part to me until I happened to comment today that I'd planned to get the beer after dinner, because I needed to put gas in the car, too.

I guess I got what mattered most, then.

New steroids shot = Super appetite (and even catnaps make her hungry)



ccr in MA said…
Ah, family "communication". All's well, in this case.

Cute kitty sleeping!
Dave E. said…
Ahh...a super appetite is always good when it comes to our furry friends.

And you know, you can't have too much beer on hand. :)
Kate P said…
CCR--that's it! And The Cat says thank you for the compliment.

Dave--what was your comment doing in the spam folder!? Anyway. . . Amen to both!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Annie Coe said…
So glad kitty is doing better. I Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Kate P said…
Annie--Thank you! Kitty is doing all right; she's all curled up on the sofa right now because it got COLD here. :)

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