Random Things from Today

I taught two of my sixth-grade classes today.  There's no chalkboard, so I put my notes/assignments up on PowerPoint slides using my laptop and a projector.  Then I was showing them a citation website to help them with their science projects.  As I'm typing in the address, I hear a student declare, 

"You type really fast!"

Without missing a beat, I replied, "That's because I've been doing it for a long time."  No need to tell the class about my previous (working) life.  I don't think they'd understand.

I never think about how fast I type.  A long time ago, I was tested at something like 72 wpm but I think it's in the upper 70s to low 80s now.  (And we all know what happened to Lappy's keys.)  But it's kind of funny to see something I don't think about, be fascinating to the kids.

Hey, there's a proposed bill to "make fraudulent maple syrup selling a felony."  I do love maple syrup.  The REAL stuff.

My parents took the kids to the hospital for a visit today.  The kids couldn't see the baby, but while they visited with Mommy and Daddy, "the grown-ups" (as my parents like to call themselves) were allowed to go see him.  Mom said Bunny was stomping his feet on the edge of his bed--probably itchy to get out of there and away from the tubes and monitors and that nurse who keeps coming around to draw blood like a clockwork mosquito.

When everybody got back to my parents', Niece received some help completing a school assignment.  (School was closed for elections but Niece and Middle Nephew #1 are going tomorrow.)  Niece needed to do some sort of collage of family pictures, so Mom just scanned and/or printed some that she had.  Niece insisted on including the family cat, however, so Mom--not having a photo of their tabby--had to improvise.

She had Niece color a photo of one of my parents' cats.

My family is nothing if not creative and resourceful.


Sara said…
How funny, they comment about my typing speed all the time at work, to the point where if there is a group meeting with one person typing notes then I'm elected stenographer.

My explanation was always a sheepish "before I got this job I basically lived on the internet..." because it's true. Nothing makes you a fast typer than having virtual, text-based relationships in real time.

And yes, real maple syrup should be real maple syrup. Hmmph.
Dave E. said…
Shoot. I guess I'll have to shut down that multi-million dollar international phony maple syrup smuggling ring. I don't know how I'm going to make ends meet now.
Kate P said…
Sara--"Practice makes perfect" covers a multitude of sheepish explanations. :) Fry the maple syrup frauds!!!

Dave--Don't you have a meth lab to fall back on?
Rob said…
Congrats, Auntie kate.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Rob! Sorry about the comment going into moderation--older posts do that to comments.

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