Silence--Two Kinds!

First kind: Blog silence. Sorry it's been quiet. (Bahamas, I wish, Amy G.) Tuesday afternoon I was feeling pretty sick, and somehow Wednesday morning I made it into school. . . only to have Mrs. K take one look at me and tell me to go home right away. Spent the rest of the day trying to get better so I'd actually be allowed near people (especially my niece & nephews) on Thursday for Thanksgiving. (Hope everybody's was good.) I pretty much feel better, except. . .

Second kind: IRL silence. I lost my voice! I was barely audible yesterday, and today was a little better (squeaky) but nowhere near good enough to sing at church. Really frustrating. Even more frustrating because I started my job at the bookstore today. Yup, two hours of orientation yesterday, then they threw me into the kids' section today. Yikes! It went all right. Work people are generally pretty nice, aside from the occasional one-upmanship/brusque "what do you know?" stuff. (For their information, I do know stuff and I was very helpful to people! Who helped the picky 8th grader who didn't know what she liked, huh? That's right--me.) But I don't know how I'm going to teach tomorrow if nobody can hear me.

So, uh, I gotta run because I have schoolwork to finish. I'm not really sure how things are gonna be blog-wise for the next couple weeks, between finishing up school (one week of student teaching left!) and starting the new job. And resting up so I can kick whatever this is that's stealing my voice, out of my system. But I'm not disappearing.

I just might be a little scattered for the next two weeks.


Lindsay said…
Wow. Life really knows how to throw you a curve ball. ;) I hope you are feeling well soon! (And I do have notes for my talk that I gave--I've been meaning to email you about that. They're just notes, but if you're still interested, I can try to get them to you within the next week or so. I theoretically might be able to get it on a recording, because they do record them, but that's...creepy.)
Mr. Bingley said…
This is the crazy time of the year.

I'm sure there's something ironic about celebrating a Silent and Holy Night by running around like an insane idiot for six weeks, but I'm too busy to think about it.
Amy Giglio said…
Too bad you're not in the bahamas. :(
Here's a good cure for Laryngitis (and tasty too!): Combine the juice of one lemon, a tablespoon of honey and a shot of whatever you like (vodka or gin works well) Start taking a teaspoon of the mixture every half hour before bed so you get in at least a good six doses (don't feel the need to finish it off-unless you want to). By morning things should be breaking up. Old Ukranian recipe.
Kate P said…
Lindsay--thanks, and I'd love to read the notes from your talk!

Bingley--you do have a point there. I feel bad when people think they have to go over the top for Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. I'm looking forward to enjoying my family, and if the cards don't go out until January, I'm fine with that.

Amy--I have GOT to try this. Thanks!

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