Probably a Useless Update

1. My team lost at trivia tonight, in spite of a perfect round on a bunch of Super Bowl-themed questions (none of which I knew, but how many times have I carried a theme round on cartoon voices or Disney or whatever?).  Another team had two perfect rounds. . . and the music round was full of stumpers.  Good but tough.  I messed one up (got Massive Attack confused with Everything But the Girl because all I could think of was this gal who sang with both) but it made little difference.

2. I still suspect something's up with the comments--that or I'm boring you; don't you have anything to say about that?--so I've switched the comments to the full page (as opposed to the separate pop-up box) to see if that helps things.

3. Basically after one class on Wednesday I'm done for the week, teaching-wise.  There's a lot going on because it's a special week in the archdiocese (well, across the nation) and classes get preempted left and right.

4.  It's 11:55 and I'm not quite settled down, so I think I'll play a round of solitaire, put away some laundry, and then crash for the night.  Special luncheon tomorrow.  We'll see what I actually get to eat, allergy-wise.



Kate P said…
Oookay, so apparently there still are problems with commenting. This one's from Angela Noelle @ Tomorrow Is Another Day:

"Testing, testing? [Admin's note: No dice!] I'm sorry your team lost. But seriously, your confusion about the answer went totally over my head, so clearly you're doing something right!"
Kate P said…
Angela--Let's just say I know a lot of obscure stuff.

It's bound to get mixed up once in a while.
Dave E. said…
Here's the error I just got:

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
The following errors were found:
Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration
Dave E. said…
Then that one went right through.
Sara said…
The little screen would create havoc with me when I comment (I don't keep any computer logged in) and then I would have to sign into my account in a wee tiny wisp of a screen which was never fun. Melikes. :)

If you won triva ALL the time, it would be so boring. Another win? Whatever. Throw it on the pile. ;)
Kate P said…
You guys are too funny. Oh, and I am totally baffled by the commenting situation. Sheesh.
Sir Danny Boy said…
Well this is an interesting little Blog; how funny. So, I've joined!

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