Kitty Update Forthcoming

The Cat had a (somewhat scheduled) trip to the vet last night.  Oh, and her scratching post-thingy arrived. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I had a grading deadline today and am simultaneously annoyed with the students who didn't bother much with a major assignment and terrified their parents are going to flip out when they see their midterm grades.  So I am super-tired.  Too bad it's only Wednesday night!



ccr in MA said…
Oh, ugh! Hope kitty's okay, scratching post is awesome, and no parents flip out at you. (If they flipped out at their kids, now...)
Rob said…
Hope that scratch post works out for you. Ours hardly touches his any more. He needs to. He's starting to get himself caught in rugs and blankets and the carpet.
Sara said…
When I first read this during break today I just chewed someone out who, once again, didn't bother much with the instructions that I've been giving her for months regarding how to do her job.

I felt a kinship when I read this, despite our very different professions. :)
Annie Coe said…
Just stopped by to say hello. I know how hard it is to have a cat who is always sick. Sending hugs to you and her. xoxo
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks. She's half-using the scratching post, and I'm not quite out of the danger zone with the flipping out.

Rob--Yeah, why can't cats figure out that getting their claws stuck feels bad???

Sara--half-assed work is universal. :)

Annie--Hello back at you, and thank you. I am trying really hard to take it a day at a time.

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