Sorry So Scarce

I'll do a separate post for The Cat, so outside of that information, here's what else you need to know.  I've been in Grading Hell (or at least Purgatory--but in any case, not the fun that Prof. Mondo makes it sound when he terms it "Gradeapalooza") for mid-semester, and I'm still holding my breath while I await the fallout (i.e. e-mails from parents on why little Perfection/Precious didn't get the good grade he/she needs to get into Honor Society or whatever).

We're at the point in the school year where I'm testing the students on the skills we've been working on, and many aren't putting much effort into it.  After all, this is just a "special subject" that meets once a week.  Never mind that I'm teaching skills these kids need now and for the rest of their academic careers and beyond.  I'm sorry every minute of academic integrity can't be scintillating--and trust me, I also am itching to get into some creative ideas I have about online ethics and safety--but we've got to slog through the stuff they need to do their first big research project properly.  I'm tied to someone else's curriculum and nobody seems to appreciate that.

Wednesday, I had a severe headache from the grading anxiety, and then when Friday came and I was forced to change zeroes (you know, for work students never bothered to hand in or make up) into less-failing grades (!!! Don't get me started!!!), I signed myself out to go pick up some books we ordered and cried in the car both ways.

With that finished, I thought I'd have the chance to catch up the blog on things over the weekend, but then Younger Sister came into town, and there was this get-together for my cousin's kids' birthday (oh yes, family follies galore), as well as a trivia night fundraiser thingy (which was a good way to keep from staying at the party long enough for some relative to say something super-traumatizing).  

I promise to post a pic of the trophy ASAP.  Team captain gets first rotation of trophy-keeping, y'know.  Honestly, it was such a fun time that even if we hadn't won--and it was a narrow win--I wouldn't have minded.  (I just wish all the couples on my team knew some nice single dude for me!)

O.K., now go read the other post about The Cat.



Sara said…
Sounds like the school and the parents aren't willing to have children held accountable for their actions. How sickening that they will learn that if someone whines enough that there are no consequences and you can do a slip-shod.


Stay strong.

Are you allowed to answer emails with "I believe that an important lesson for children to learn at this age, which isn't on the curriculum but is vital, is that their actions have consequences. I also do not believe in falsifying school records when expectations are clearly stated prior to assignments. That would make me a poor educator, and our schools do not need that nor do I think parents would want it."

Please tell me you can. Please.

And congrats on the win!!!!
Kate P said…
I wish I *could* tell you that! But all I can do is pay my dues and keep trying to figure out where I really belong in this field.

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