Not a Typical Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning

My team (my first time with them) placed third in a huge quiz bowl downtown.

I got home about 12:15 a.m.; shortly thereafter, the police pulled up outside my building to break up the party one of my third floor neighbors has been conducting.  (I knew about it because she invited me to it a couple weeks ago when we were standing around waiting for the fire alarm issue to get settled. Glad I had a previous engagement.)  I'd forgotten it was tonight until I saw this dude from the local party place trying to shove two dozen pink balloons into the elevator as I was leaving this afternoon.

Oh, and I think the K-9 unit came as well.  I've been hearing a lot of barking.  The Cat was a little weirded out, so she is "loafed out" in the middle of my dining room table, watching me type.  I'm trying to unwind so I can get some sleep before getting up to cantor Mass in the morning.

Never a dull moment in the 'burbs.



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