Stats on The Cat

Amount of weight lost since last vet visit on 12/26: 1/2 lb.  (She's still in a good weight range, 9 lbs.)

Number of growls at veterinary staff (including Dr.) during last week's visit: 7

Compliment elicited from Dr. during examination: "Her fur is so soft."  (Right after she had growled at him and he had told her he was almost done listening to her heart.)  That's the irony--she looks like a super-healthy cat. She's just a mess internally.

She did get her new depo-shot of steroids (after which she thought she was SuperCat and climbed all over the kitchen), as well as a shot of fluids and something to help with nausea.  I do wonder if she's still having nausea, as she is not quite back in the usual groove just yet.  There was Barf-O-Rama Sunday night, with a litterbox incident between bouts (the last bout occurring at 1:30 a.m. Monday).  She's still not completely compliant with taking her meds, although for the most part she's been agreeable as far as her thyroid pill). So we're in a readjustment pattern at the moment.

And at this particular moment, she's giving me the "Go get ready for bed so we can snuggle" behavior, so I'd better do as I'm told.



ccr in MA said…
Poor her, and poor you! I hope things smooth out. Now go do as you're told!
Kate P said…
I know. Some nights we just look at each other and go, "What's wrong with YOU?"
Dave E. said…
Some nights we just look at each other and go, "What's wrong with YOU?"

Hahaha...must be a cat thing. Dogs and their masters just look at each other and go, "Where are my treats?" ;)
Kate P said…
Dave--you know, maybe those are the next words out of her mouth! Like, "What's wrong with you. . . that you're not feeding me right now?"

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