Good News, Bad News, and Crazy News

Good: I was offered the part-time job last night.  I'm thrilled and I can't wait to start!

Bad: My co-librarian's father passed away Tuesday evening.  I feel so bad for her and her family.  The elder of my co-librarian's kids had college graduation today so that must be bittersweet.
Also, I heard from my mom who went to help take care of my grandfather after his surgery and she already is exhausted.  Seems he gets out of bed several times a night.  Did I mention she has to do this through the middle of next week?  Happy Mother's Day to her.  (Ridiculous because she's the only mother among her sibs and I think they forgot or something.)

Crazy: I've been on the hook for checking back with the juror phone message system thingy every night. . . and wouldn't you know, I have to go in tomorrow.  School's a half-day, and I have to put in a full one somewhere I've never been before.

Of course, the real irony is that there's a major event tomorrow, and while I already said there was a chance I might not be there, now I'm really not.  Too bad for the people expecting me to do all the singing.  I told the students they'd better get the music down today, so. . . good luck to them.



Solitary Diner said…
Congrats on the job! Will this be in addition to or instead of your current job?
ccr in MA said…
Yay for good news! Hopefully it will lead to even more and better.
Kate P said…
SD--thanks; this is a part-time job on the side, but it's at least one thing to do to keep money coming in during the summer.

CCR--thank you and I hope the same for you!
Red Stethoscope said…
Woo! Congrats on the job! Sorry about jury duty...what terrible timing!
Kate P said…
RS--thanks and YES. . . it got even worse when Aunt Flo showed up last night and I was queasy from the cramps this morning. But I survived!

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