Happy Memorial Day

We are grateful to the servicemen and women who gave their lives that we might be free, even in little things like expressing ourselves in the blogosphere.

The Cat is celebrating her freedom to sleep
on top of the fridge (freezer, actually).
Today, I'm doing my best to keep cool; will go over to my parents' house later to help finish off the leftovers from yesterday's "cook-in" (technical problems with hooking up the grill!).

I'm not thinking about how I might have missed the opportunity to submit an application for a job opening at one of the school districts where I did student teaching.  (Here's hoping the way I submitted it will still get their attention and convince them to ignore the deadline.)

I'm not thinking about how I have to face all the nightmare camp registration stuff (and eventual, inevitable cancellations and shuffling around) when I go back to school tomorrow.

And I'm definitely not thinking about how I sort of hurriedly babbled (through a screened window, no less) hello to the (disarmingly funny/cute) son of a certain lady you might recall who put me on the phone with him previously. . . if you read my other blog.

Nope!  Gonna go eat lunch, put on some music--and probably the air conditioning--and do the summer/winter wardrobe switch. 


Dave E. said…
A belated Happy Memorial Day, Kate. Hope the weather at least gave you some kind of break.

You should get a kick out of this: I met some friends at a park over the weekend and they had splurged on some of that fancy bottled beer that needs a church key. Well, just guess what they forgot? And just guess what I happened to have stashed in my glove box? You got it, one of those Coors Light bottle opener/key fobs you sent me saved the day. They all told me to say thank you!
Kate P said…
That is awesome! I'm glad everyone got to enjoy beer. . . and all because of lil' ol' me!

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