Where I've Been in a Week

Monday: At the funeral for my co-librarian's father.  After that, on the phone/computer returning calls/e-mails to a handful of moms annoyed that (a) I dared notify them there was a problem with their children's camp applications, and (b) I was not available to take their calls.  I whipped "where I was" ever so sweetly back at them.

Tuesday: Trivia night, where we kicked butt while cracking jokes about the original Three Musketeers--"Athos, Porthos, and-"
 Shemp (Teammate S.)
 Cousin Oliver (Me)
Where I was not: training for my new part-time job at the public library, feeding the cats dinner at my parents' house.  Training was postponed at the last minute, and I totally spaced out about the cats with all the changing around of my scheduled.  They got dinner at 8:30 when my dad got home, and the cats still love us all. 

My original journal (created last summer)
Wednesday: In the midst of a flurry of cutting and pasting fourth-graders, as they put decorated the covers of mini-notebooks to make journals that I hope will be used to log their summer reading.  (I asked them to bring them back to school in September so we can see how far they got.)
Incidentally, my cold-induced forgetfulness had me realizing I forgot my original journal to show as an example, so there I was at 10 a.m. throwing together a new one.  Not my best work, but they were impressed nonetheless. 

Thursday:  Mass for the holyday, training at the library for my new part-time job.  Also, before I left the house for the library, my mom called to say she was home from NJ.  Tired, but home.  Yay.
Also on the sofa, finishing The Unwanteds, which honestly I thought was just O.K.  There were some imaginative parts but then they veered into elements of "preciousness" or kinda "twee" moments or too convenient/weird characters, inventions, or occurrences that made me feel talked down to.  Even if it is middle-grade fiction.

Friday: Getting partial highlights--hello, summer; bye-bye, random grays.  I've had that money in reserve since I sang for a wedding last month.
Where I was not: the gym, sadly, because my head and neck hurt too much, and this afternoon I was having short bouts of sweats and chills.  I hope it's better tomorrow, because in the afternoon I have a vigil Mass to cantor.  

Two more books (this and that) to finish that I owe back to the school library, laundry--oh, and I have to shop for birthday presents for Oldest Nephew (last Thursday) and Younger Sister (today, and it has to be good because she's spending the weekend traveling to a funeral).

Soooo, how was your week?


ccr in MA said…
My week was busy and stressful and hormonal. If the last of this migraine would mosey on out, I would forgive it, though. Meanwhile, the dueling lawn-care engines outside need to shut up already.

I imagine it would be satisfying to be able to say, "I'm sorry that my being at a funeral postponed your desire to complain about something that you did wrong."

During my year at boarding school, my two friends and I toyed with being the three musketeers. Problem was, one of my friends refused to be Aramis, saying that if she had to be a fragrance, she would rather be Blue Stratos. Yes, we were that sort of people even then.
Dave E. said…
That doesn't sound like a bad week. At least it didn't involve jury duty. :)
Sara said…
I was on vacation and was a general slacker. Now I am not on vacation and am lamenting the end of my slackerhood.

BTW, stop getting sick!
Kate P said…
CCR--I hope your migraines are clearing up. We made jokes about the Aramis fragrance, but I don't know Blue Stratos! Wonder what that smells like.

Dave--yeah, jury duty would have been the last crazy straw.

Sara--I think there are "doing" vacations and "slacking" vacations. It helps to slow down every once in a while, right?
I am taking my vitamins, O.K.???

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