The Week, So Far

The Cat is protesting the recall of her dry food.  I am scrambling to find something else tasty that she likes.  She's kinda crabby when she doesn't get her dry food.  It must be like potato chips or something.  She also has been refusing to take her (anti)thyroid meds as of late, and I don't know why.  That makes her somewhat crabby, too.  Maybe a round of poker will turn her attitude around.

Yesterday, I picked up the rest of my co-librarian's second grade class as she got a phone call that her father's condition, which had been declining the week before, had taken a very bad turn and she had to leave.  This morning, I taught first grade.  (I don't know how she does it, because sometimes those little ones are kinda wacky.)

I did go for an interview with a prospective part-time job, and it seemed to go well.  It's just knowing that I'm up against five other candidates that unsettles me.  But, hey, do they have the mad skillz and charm I do?  I think not!

As of tonight, I do not have jury duty tomorrow. . . but I have to call back again tomorrow night to see if I have to go on Thursday.  And possibly Friday.  All my contingency plans are in place, so I just have to go along with whatever comes up.  Oh, and keep processing the lovely camp registrations and accompanying parent call/e-mail questions that continue to roll in.  That last bit might be considered a new part of my job description, because, you know, when the staff member who's been doing it for years goes out for surgery months ago and doesn't come back, the responsibility gets thrown to the department that is thought to have "nothing else to do."  Nah, I'm not annoyed by that at all.

I'm too busy grading work, writing lesson plans, prepping contingency plans, helping out my department during a difficult time, and doing all my other duties to be annoyed.

And we're all just praying that God will be merciful to my co-librarian's father in his suffering.


ccr in MA said…
My vet says dry food IS like potato chips! It's her opinion that cats can self-regulate with wet food, but will keep eating dry food even when they're not hungry. (Is it true? Why knows?)

Best of luck with the managing! Keep breathing...
Kate P said…
CCR--that explains why they come in the same crinkly bag. :) I bought a grain-free version made by the same brand as the canned food she eats and she went BONKERS the second I opened the bag.
Thanks for the well wishes.

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