It's Been Busy

Obviously, the first week back at school means there's a lot to be done.  Some of it's out of my hands, so I'm just working with what I have and waiting for answers or pieces from other people.  The hardest part has been working out our schedules--my classes are mostly fixed, except for when the upper grades come to get their books.  We did some shuffling around and I know some people won't be happy.

I already am exposed to some, well, unpleasantness as we go through this transition, which is why I now have to go work on something I brought home.  Somewhere between easing my way back into spending so much time there and limiting my exposure to some unpleasantness that I am sure will dissipate with time. I think.  I hope.

It's like, I can't do anything to make the situation better, but I don't really want to be around it, so I headed out.  It's not that I want to appear as if I'm doing less work--I'm not; I work hard, darnit--but I know my limits and my needs.  And there are going to be future demands on me, so I want to be prepared.

So off I go to take care of things.  And then on to trivia because it just feels good to kick some trivia butt!



Shalini said…
Just repeat, "work life balance!" over and over and over AND OVER. :)
Angela Noelle said…
Oy! I hope things blow over and get a bit calmer soon.
Kate P said…
Shalini--O.K., I'm not familiar with that term (possibly because I don't have much of a life... yet), but I guess it couldn't hurt. Thanks!

Angela--Well, thank you. I think "soon" is more likely JUNE, but you never know. ;)

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