Was That Ever a Monday

I do feel that I owe an update of some sort, but there's not a whole lot new to report because I'm still figuring out where everything goes and what everything does, and how the classes are going to go and what the kids are like.

I had my first computers class today with a segment of the younger group, and it was. . . all right.  Not great.  (It was the first full day of school, for crying out loud, and timed right for the "post-lunch slump.")  And for some reason it hadn't been made clear to the class that yours truly would be teaching them.  "I thought you were the librarian!" exclaimed one girl.

Yeah, kid.  Me too.

Once we get going and get all the setup stuff out of the way, I think they'll like their time in class.  It's more on my end of things where it's complicated.  This program was touted as practically messianic--and that very well may be true. In a school that didn't have computer instruction as a separate class.  It's almost a lot of extra work to make it function in isolation-- which I know the PTBs really don't want; however, in my opinion it's somewhat optimistic to think all the timing will match up for all the lessons their other teachers are doing.  I mean, I'm hopeful, too, because I think our activities will interest them more that way.  I just am having a hard time seeing it all come together from the top of the cliff here.

It's a great big experiment.  That's how I'm trying to see it.

I just am afraid I'll get blamed if anything fails.

Oh, and afterwards I spent time in the stacks today rearranging the fiction shelves so the books aren't jammed together and impossible for students to see and take out.  

Just to remind myself why I think I'm really there.



Angela Noelle said…
Well, here's hoping it's a raging success and you get all the credit :)
Kate P said…
Wow, I am kind of a jerk for not acknowledging your comment sooner! Sorry about that and thanks, Angela!

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