Seems As If I'm Always Numbering Updates

1. The Cat lost more weight, probably has thyroid in overdrive again. I wasn't much help this week because for a couple of days, I mixed up her pills and did not realize until Friday morning that I was giving her the pills for her nausea instead of the antithyroid meds. Arrrgh.  After I explained that to the vet, he asked me, "Are you overworked?"

He's a good doc.

While they were wrestling with her to trim her claws and take some blood for testing (more struggling with the former than the latter), I had a waiting-area chat with a man whose girlfriend (??? no rings but she called him the puppy's "daddy") had taken their dog to an exam room.

Him: (after hearing the office manager tell another client the price of the exam)  I should've been a veterinarian.

Me: I don't think I could deal with hurt pets. Or dying ones. 

Him: Well, I'm a funeral director, so. . .

That converged into a discussion about singing for funerals, natch, and he told a funny story about a diva cantor who said she "commands 'x' amount" for singing.  He was amused by the "commands." 

Maybe I should start "commanding" money like that.

2. Prior to the vet visit which was on Saturday morning, I did my crazy Friday where I ran out the door of school so I could go change and feed The Cat before running out my own door for the evening.  There was a lovely bridal shower for a co-worker at my public library job, and then I went to the trivia charity event to which I'd been invited to return after our victory last year.

The guy mentioned in that one was there also, but since I'd been warned away from him by my teammates AND he'd been a drunken ass at a subsequent benefit competition earlier this year, I was nervous around him at first.  

He was well-behaved (did not start drinking until last round. . . or maybe he only drinks heavily at the other competition?) and we had a great time and second victory.  Also the young woman who organized the benefit raised $2K for research so that was fantastic.  Ooh, and we got t-shirts this year.  We plan to wear them to the next competition so we can be intimidating. Hee.

3. There is a small possibility of a development on the career front, but I can't say much more than that.  Mostly because I just don't know anything yet.

4. My mom returned today in one piece (but tired) from taking care of my grandfather all week. Things actually went pretty well and she said he looked a lot better than he did after he had his surgery earlier this year.  But believe me when I say those cats missed her--they sat right at her feet and waited for their dinner, as if nobody else had been feeding them all week!

5. Time to go get ready for bed so I can start another work week standing outside with the arriving buses.  I'm already dreaming of coffee.

I hope you have a great start to your week!



ccr in MA said…
Good vets are so worth it. Crossed fingers for kitty's health and your prospects.
Red Stethoscope said…
Good luck on the career development and I hope the kitty feels better soon!
Sara said…
Did Miss Kitty tilt her head and give you a LOOK when you realized that you had the wrong meds? As if to say "about time, Biped"?

Mine would have.

Good luck with everything! :)
Kate P said…
CCR--of all the vets that have treated The Cat, other than the one doc who treated her when she was just The Kitten, this one has been the best.

The test results showed her thyroid is running on the high end of normal, so there's no change to her regimen. She's still pretty yowl-y right now, though.

R.S.--thanks very much on both counts!

Sara--Nah, she's just been trying to get me to give her more turkey to make it up to her. She's the guilt-tripping type. :)

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