Update, Numbered

Wow, no update in nearly two weeks?  My apologies!  Here's what has been going on lately--you probably guessed there's been a lot.  I think I've just been trying to assimilate it all.

1. School is going. . . well, it's going.  I am still trying to maintain my equilibrium (i.e. not freaking out) but it's hard when Co-Librarian starts ranting about everything.  I've stopped responding because then she retorts something that is dripping with resentment and all but says, "You still don't have as many classes as I do!"   True, but I'm doing other crap work.  Like ordering 3 dozen rolls of laminating film after someone got anxious about running out. . . only to find four more rolls tucked away (also probably out of anxiety).
And I just gush with happiness anytime anyone asks me how I "like being busy."  Busy-ER, you silly people, busy-ER.  I was busy before.

2. Needless to say, I am counting the days until a day off (NOVEMBER 1).  It's very hard going back to working a full (long) day, every day, after working a day or two a week all summer.
I even picked up this weekend as a sub on the Reference Desk at the Public Library Job.  Much to the delight of LibraryElf, I might add.  I might also add that I am tired after working seven days straight.  Probably I also am tired because I've had a low-grade cold since Wednesday and it's finally on its way out.
The good news is that (also to LibraryElf's delight) I can put the extra money toward shower/wedding gifts.  And maybe a manicure for the wedding.

3.  The Cat has been doing O.K. and seems to be getting used to my long hours.  It helps that she has been very good about taking her meds.
That said, she still is a little less chunky-calico than I would like.  Maybe the cooler weather will increase her appetite.  Also, I am not thrilled about the recent development of 4:30 a.m. meowing.  What is up with that!?  The only thing I can guess is she can hear the alarm clock of a neighbor, or someone moving around, but it's not something I can hear.  Mystifying.  Annoying.  Annoyingly mystifying.

4.  Last weekend was the family reunion at the NJ shore.  It was lovely.  I got to hang out with Niece and Middle Nephews, as well as my cousin's kids who are getting big too.  
And that uncle who always asks if I'm seeing someone did NOT ask me that question, and instead he paid me a compliment--"You were always a beautiful girl but now you're a beautiful young lady."  Well, I'm taking it as a compliment because otherwise he was implying I was starting to look old.  
So that lovely time carried me through some tough times during the week.
Until I saw the horrible pictures my one cousin took.  I used to take really nice pictures, but these were the worst candids ever.  My mouth full of celery in one of them.  A profile shot where I look pale, tired, and pudgy.  I want those photos destroyed.
Or maybe I should just shut up and keep working on taking care of my health.

This week looks pretty busy, too, especially in the second half of the week.  I'm subbing in again at the Ref Desk on Wednesday night, and then I'm double-booked for events on Friday night (shower and trivia benefit), and I just found out there's a farewell brunch on Sunday for the departing music director at the church where I substitute-cantor.  Whew.

For someone not used to being popular, I'm on the fence about how it feels.  But maybe I could get used to it.



Dave E. said…
Heh...your schedule makes me tired.
ccr in MA said…
Starting work again after being laid off, I was astounded at how tired I was! The first couple of weeks felt like a physical strain as well as the mental one. Good luck; it will get better soon! Just keep swimming.
Shalini said…
That is a crazy schedule! But you are off for my birthday, which is all that matters, right?
Kate P said…
Dave--Hee hee! I probably DO make people's eyeballs tired, don't I?

CCR--It's like going from zero to 60, isn't it? I have been trying to keep swimming, and not against the tide.

Shalini--Oh, well, that's perfect! I gotta mark the calendar. :)

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