A Few Photos from the Past Few Weeks

Just cleaning out the camera's memory card in advance of the annual/occasional "Polaroid Project" which I hope will take place on Thanksgiving.  (These days I never know who's going to cancel on dinner at the last minute--but like I said, feeling hopeful.)

There he is--the speckled guy who dragged me down the trail with Sara
back in October.  So pretty but SO BUSINESSLIKE on walks!

And then there's this cutie who just loved giving me kisses
--on the shoulder of my jacket!

We needed a happy jack o'lantern after our Frankenstorm experience.

Saddest yarn bombing ever
(in my stairwell the other day)
 A good explanation of "yarn bombing" can be found here.

The Cat finally resigned herself to sleeping in her birthday present
(situated under the dining room table).


ccr in MA said…
What a beautiful horse! And really, that's not a yarn-bombing; more like a yarn-firecracker, if that.
Kate P said…
I'll take your word for it as a yarn authority, CCR! :)
Solitary Diner said…
Love the kitty photo. I'd buy my cats a home like that, except they far prefer to sleep on the pile of laundry on the floor.
Kate P said…
S.D.--This bed spent a long time just sitting next to the comforter in which she'd set up camp. The comforter I had draped over a chair to finish drying! It was a very long transition, and she was not happy the first day the comforter went away.

I mean, I put her pink t-shirt in there and everything. What more could she want?
Sara said…
Peanut and the jack-o-lantern have the same expression. Cute!

Yarn bomb? That was a yarn yawn. Although, that would about sum up my skills with yarn so I can't critique. :)

Kate P said…
Way to make the connection there, Sara! They do sort of look alike.

"Yarn yawn" --I love it! And I bet you at least could have braided it. . .

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