A Little Good News for a Monday

First, The Cat got "beautiful" blood test results, according to the vet.  Thyroid went down to the low end of the normal range (it was running high last time), and she put on some weight.  Her white blood count looked good, too.

I almost thought she was going to high-five (four?) me when I told her the doctor didn't want to see her again until mid-January!

Second, The book sale wrapped up this morning (after several phone calls and much paperwork).  By our estimation it probably made 2/3 as much as it had on average for the past few years, but considering the circumstances, that's better than what we expected.  Plus we're happy to have room again for our classes/readers/studiers.  

And we managed not to fight with or kill each other.  (Offended a few teachers inadvertently, maybe, but they'll get over it as soon as they need our help with something.)

Finally, after a bit of a hiatus, I went back to the Book Club.  It actually was quite pleasant.

And nobody fought or killed each other, either.

(Oh, I'll go into more detail over at the other blog.  Eventually.)

Any other input on what to do in honor of the 800th post?   


ccr in MA said…
I'm so glad about the blood results! I mean, the not killing or being killed is good too, but beautiful blood work doesn't come along every day.
Kate P said…
Especially with The Cat, CCR--the doctor has been really wary of the low-ish white count for the past several tests. That's a side effect of the steroids. But she's holding her own!

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