Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I'm getting ready to go over to my parents' to haul over my two veggie dishes and help out.  Trust me, there will be recipes and recap.  Especially because My Maiden Aunt said she was coming, and last night my great-aunt M. passed away after a long illness. . . she might harp on that.  (Me, I am grateful she's not sick anymore and I have faith she is reunited with my late great-uncle.)

Hoping for a fun time, especially with the kiddos, but preparing for some weird moments as well.  Oh, and playing Auntie Seraphic's Thanksgiving Game.

I'll let you know how many points I get.



ccr in MA said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kate P said…
Missed this one--sorry, CCR! Thank you and I am glad yours was good, too!

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