Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I'm getting ready to go over to my parents' to haul over my two veggie dishes and help out.  Trust me, there will be recipes and recap.  Especially because My Maiden Aunt said she was coming, and last night my great-aunt M. passed away after a long illness. . . she might harp on that.  (Me, I am grateful she's not sick anymore and I have faith she is reunited with my late great-uncle.)

Hoping for a fun time, especially with the kiddos, but preparing for some weird moments as well.  Oh, and playing Auntie Seraphic's Thanksgiving Game.

I'll let you know how many points I get.



A Few Photos from the Past Few Weeks

Just cleaning out the camera's memory card in advance of the annual/occasional "Polaroid Project" which I hope will take place on Thanksgiving.  (These days I never know who's going to cancel on dinner at the last minute--but like I said, feeling hopeful.)

There he is--the speckled guy who dragged me down the trail with Sara
back in October.  So pretty but SO BUSINESSLIKE on walks!

And then there's this cutie who just loved giving me kisses
--on the shoulder of my jacket!

We needed a happy jack o'lantern after our Frankenstorm experience.

Saddest yarn bombing ever
(in my stairwell the other day)
 A good explanation of "yarn bombing" can be found here.

The Cat finally resigned herself to sleeping in her birthday present
(situated under the dining room table).


There Is a Car Curse Going Around

On Tuesday night, one of my trivia teammates recounted the story of how he hadn't had his car--which heretofore had given him no problems whatsoever--for a week because the cylinders went on the car door's locks AND the ignition.  Fun times.  

After work today, I went to the vet to pick up The Cat's thyroid meds, and on the way home--oh, about around the corner from one traffic light away from home or thereabouts--I looked at the dashboard and thought, "I've never seen the needle go that high on the temperature gauge."

And then as I was heading up the street towards said traffic light, the needle went up to the red line.

So, I flipped the temperature controls from hot to cold and cranked up the fan, which did make the needle dip a bit, but not much, as I kept driving carefully home.  I parked in the lot, but as I sat there, I started making calls.  To my parents: Should I get this checked out?  To the service station: Should I bring it in?

The mechanics were gone for the day, of course, but I figured I'd eat dinner and then drop the car off so it could be checked tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to hear what the problem is, and how much it will cost to fix it. (Did I mention I just got the oil changed two weeks ago?)

Mom was nice enough to come pick me up. . . so now I am in the driver's seat of the Unsexy Station Wagon.  (Featuring the Doubly Unsexy Bright Pink Child Safety Seat!) 

Makes for a smashing end to the workweek.




A Little Good News for a Monday

First, The Cat got "beautiful" blood test results, according to the vet.  Thyroid went down to the low end of the normal range (it was running high last time), and she put on some weight.  Her white blood count looked good, too.

I almost thought she was going to high-five (four?) me when I told her the doctor didn't want to see her again until mid-January!

Second, The book sale wrapped up this morning (after several phone calls and much paperwork).  By our estimation it probably made 2/3 as much as it had on average for the past few years, but considering the circumstances, that's better than what we expected.  Plus we're happy to have room again for our classes/readers/studiers.  

And we managed not to fight with or kill each other.  (Offended a few teachers inadvertently, maybe, but they'll get over it as soon as they need our help with something.)

Finally, after a bit of a hiatus, I went back to the Book Club.  It actually was quite pleasant.

And nobody fought or killed each other, either.

(Oh, I'll go into more detail over at the other blog.  Eventually.)

Any other input on what to do in honor of the 800th post?   


In Honor of My 800th Post: RECAP & BONUS

First, highlights from the last 99 posts, in which I. . .

. . . became an auntie (again) to this guy who turns 1 this week;

. . . survived Thanksgiving 2011 with minimal "Seraphic's Singles Game" points, and met Younger Sister's boyfriend (who is still very much around! I guess he likes our weird family);

. . . suffered two serious losses--one belonging to the mind, and one to the heart;

. . . reported for jury duty for the first time ever in my life;

. . . started a new side job (with unusual benefits);

. . . kicked off the summer barely clinging to my (altered) position at my full-time job;

. . . celebrated The Cat's 15th birthday;

. . . decided to "make lemonade" out of life's lemons (I think that has to be a new label from now on);

. . .  got rejected by not one but three prospective employers; and. . .

. . . came through a Hurricane/Frankenstorm O.K. 

Excuse me for a moment while I recharge my calico after all that linkage.

Second, any suggestions how to celebrate this milestone?

In the past, I've done the "ask Kate P anything segments," which I am more than happy to do again if blogreaders are eager to ask.

That said, a few months ago I did make something vaguely like a sort of tentative promise for the 800th post (read the comments) to brand-new-mama Angela Noelle.

So what does that mean for you, the blogreaders/blogfriends?

BONUS TIME!  I am raffling off a gift card to someplace/some-site pretty much anyone can use.

What do you need to do?  COMMENT, regarding one or both of the following:

1. Ask me anything (off limits: my real name, exact age/weight/address, workplace name/location--you get the idea).  Past questions/answers here (along with other meme responses).


2. Do you want me to sing, per Angela's comment?  If yes, what do you want me to sing??? (Keep it clean, people.)

Have fun!