About All I Did to Celebrate St. Patty's Day. . .

. . . was clean my living room, do some planning (which I will discuss in my next post), and fix myself a Vegan Shamrock Shake.

Yes, there's a wee bit o' spinach in there!



ccr in MA said…
Well ... I hope it was delicious!

I didn't do anything either. Someone asked me yesterday if I'm Irish, and I told her that my grandfather's family came over from the British Isles, so there may have been some there. However, since that was before the American Revolution, I think it's safe to say, not so's you'd notice.
Kate P said…
It was pretty good! Nobody thinks I'm Irish thanks to my name, but I am. A whole 1/8 according to blood, but culturally more than that.
Dave E. said…
I have some Irish in me from Mom's side. The lineage is a bit hazy though, in a way that makes me suspect that an ancestor or two may have lived one step ahead of the law and/or what passed for respectability back in the day.

Anyway, I celebrated with a brief trip to the corner bar for some Irish lamb stew and a Harp. That's about all I'll do on the second worst "amateur day" after New Years.
Sara said…
St Patty's was what, Sunday? I was driving from Ft. Lauderdale to Savannah. I only realized what day it was when the bartender in the hotel bar was sporting green and a temporary kiss tattoo on her cheek. Whoops.

I'm a molecule or two of Irish somewhere in the clutter of my genes.

Have you ever tried making other shakes with frozen bananas? I love taking a frozen nanner, some almond milk, a bit of cinnamon and a bit of cocoa powder. No sweetener required if using an overripe, frozen nanner! Tastes like a milkshake. Mmmm.

And no spinach. Ugh no. Not in my shake :(
Kate P said…
Dave--sounds like a good way to celebrate! ("amateur day," heh heh)

Sara--It was Sunday (although this year the liturgical celebration was moved to Monday). Bartenders are festive people, especially the Irish ones!
This shake was done with vanilla coconut milk that I didn't pay for--someone left it in my parents' fridge (long story) and Mom just wanted it out of the way. Mmmm. . . cheap shake.
I've done some with room-temp nanners but I see the difference with frozen ones. There's a cool one with frozen nanners AND cantaloupe and a little bit of mint extract. So nice on a hot day.
I'll have to try that recipe you did, though. Sounds good!

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