Funny How I Just Bought a New Purse. . .

. . . and then another lands in my lap, via raffle ticket!

Not bad for $10 in raffle tix, huh?

It's very pretty, but for reasons of practicality it's not going to be my everyday bag--I'm using the metallic-chic, more economical one I bought while out with Sara for that.

Well, I am officially done with the fundraiser trivia circuit (all on different teams, with a "bowl" mixed in there too) until the summer, and there are mixed results.  The two I played in January my teams won; the most recent two I played, including last night's, were losses.  I'm a little bummed but I had a good time--and it was kind of fun seeing another team happy to win.

And then I went home to go play with my new purse.  So there!




ccr in MA said…
It might not be an everyday purse, but what fun for certain days! And if you hadn't just bought a purse, I'm sure you would have won something else; that's how fate works, right?
Anonymous said…
Gasp! That is stunning!
Kate P said…
CCR--well, we didn't win the trophy, so I felt a little guilty. But not much!

Angela--I agree--that's why I couldn't resist buying raffle tickets!

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