It's Showtime

The first e-mail I read at school today was from one of the assistant principals, asking if I could come in for an interview tomorrow. I'm all keyed up.

Don't I get an e-mail a few hours later from the community relations person at my former bookstore that's all, "Hi! I heard there's a position open and [name of librarian she knows] is applying for it. I told her you work there and I'd ask if you could give her some pointers to help her out. Her e-mail is. . . I mean, you're the one staying, right?"

O.K. I've been getting zinged for the past week with not just, "Do you know if you're coming back next year?" but also the unwitting, "I saw a library job posting on the school district website, so who's leaving?" (Grrrr.) So that e-mail from the bookstore person just really turned things up a notch, because I now have a lot of information about a competitor. Talk about a surprise punch to the gut.

I just replied really quickly (just to get it out of my face) that the short answer is the posting is for my position because the person for whom I'm subbing resigned, and that I was applying for it.

Pretty soon after that I got an "Oh my gosh!" response, that the person had just assumed that I had been working a permanent position. That was appended with the assurance that *I* was the one being rooted for, and that no more info would be shared with the competition. So I guess all's well that ends well.

Sort of.

Friday's interview went O.K. They were running seriously late, so I got to hang out in the main office and see the usual goings-on with the faculty and students. The library was closed because the librarian was chaperoning a field trip. (Go figure.) They kind of rushed me at the end so I didn't dare ask to see the library, which was a bit of a disappointment, but then again this is only the preliminary interview. For a job I'm not sure I want and hope I don't need. Oh, it's not a horrible school or anything--it's a middle school* and everybody seems nice enough and the kids are polite--but it's very far from where I live. It also is in a school district that is ranked low for salaries in its county, and if the numbers I have are enough to make an estimate, it would be a moderate pay cut that would make things a bit hard for me. Especially if car stuff happens again, which would be more likely on a round-trip commute in excess of 50 miles, five days a week.

*They told me they also were considering me for an elementary position that's open but it's split between two schools, and we all know I prefer the older students anyway, so I really hope that's off the table.

I also sent an application packet to a private school (middle grades, again) this afternoon.

The big deal's at 11:30 tomorrow morning, so you've got a little time to pray and think positive thoughts.

Heck, even if you miss the time just pray/think positively anyway. Please!

I was able to rustle up just enough quarters so I will have clean things to wear with my interview suit. (I'm not talking "lucky draws" or anything like that, but, you know, I plan to be dressed for the part completely.) Of course, I managed to piss off one of my upstairs neighbors because I dared take her stuff out of one of the dryers so I won't be going to bed at midnight after folding clothes. You know, because she was hogging all three dryers. It figures I couldn't have gotten out of there before she and her boyfriend walked in.

Me: "I'm sorry I had to take your stuff out. I have a job interview tomorrow morning and I had to get these done."

Her: (Huffing) "Well, I wasn't going to leave it forever."

Me: "Oh, I know that." (I don't know why she got so defensive. I was assuming the best, and honestly if it hadn't been dry I wouldn't have taken it out.)

The next thing after the permanent job is better living arrangements.


Angela Noelle said…
Oh man, good luck to you!! I'm glad your interview went well, but hopefully it's not even a concern because you'll be staying at your school. Fingers, toes, arms, legs... everything is crossed!
ccr in MA said…
Oh, serious good wishes! Interview s are not at all fun, but you'll do well and they're fools not to hire you. Good luck!
Amy Giglio said…
sending good juju.....
Annie Coe said…
I know by now you have had the interview, but I hope all went well! xoxo
Kate P said…
Thanks, Ladies. Update is posted.

Fools they are, CCR.

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