I resigned from my job this afternoon.

Maybe if I type it enough times, I will believe it.

Yup, so that was the big-deal-thing I was preparing to do this week. I carefully prepared the letter so it didn't read, "See ya, suckas!" and e-mailed it to my parents for them to look over. They didn't catch the mistake on the zip code for my work, but fortunately I did after I'd printed it out last night. (Easy mistake--it's very similar to my home zip.) The big mistake I noticed when I got to work was that I'd gotten my boss's title wrong. I've been looking at his title, week in and week out, for about three or so years since the merger, but I rarely type it. Thanks a lot, macros. So after lunch I whited out the incorrect word and hand-wrote in the correct one. Pretty sure nobody would have cared--I mean, these are the people who let Princess Shortcut, who swears she uses spellcheck "all the time," send out documents with typos on the first page, after all.

After that was fixed, I tried to focus on work and not watch the clock as it ticked closer to our usually scheduled meeting time. The meeting started off fine, normal, got the usual stuff out of the way regarding work status and the ongoing spellcheck issue and why it keeps happening (see typo discussion above). He asked if I had anything else to discuss. I told him I had one more thing, but let's do what he had on his list first.

He started talking about how he is catching up with the people he owes reviews, meaning their anniversary date passed. He did one this week, and has another one scheduled for next week, and- oh, I just got your paperwork to do. My anniversary is September 25 (technically my most recent promotion date--and I have to say most recent, because I was promoted twice in the span of six weeks in 2006, just days before my first quarter of grad school was to start!).

I felt horrible and couldn't let him go on. "I don't think that's going to be necessary," I said, "because I'm resigning." I slid the envelope containing my resignation letter across his desk to him.

I don't think he believed me at first. "Should I open it?" he asked.

"Sure," I shrugged, "it's just a basic letter." I figured I'd tell him verbally what I was planning to do.

Definitely, his reaction was one of surprise, but also generally seemingly O.K. with it. He never was one to fly off the handle about things, anyway--he's a dad to three teenagers, so that's probably a good thing. He told me he had gotten his bachelor's, worked a bit, and decided to leave and go back to school for his J.D., so I think he understood where I was coming from. Of course he made the comment that he's sorry to see me go, but he would never stand in the way of anyone going after their goals and their happiness. I don't think it fully sank in that I'd been working all day and going to school full time for the past two-plus years, though. He was surprised to hear me say I'd be graduating in December. Maybe he thought I was quitting to start school?

Ultimately we decided that because his boss and some of our department will not be in tomorrow, we'll keep this under wraps until next week. (Good thing I have this blog to talk, talk, talk it up, huh?) There probably will be some changes in the department--and honestly I'm not sure they're planning to replace me, so next week is gonna be interesting in terms of how the rest of the deparment reacts to the news of my impending departure. Maybe then they'll realize how hard I've been working. I know at least one thing so far: I have to train the paralegal to use the program I manage. Not looking forward to that, especially after the hard time Princess Shortcut gave me (and God only knows what PS has told the paralegal about that) but I guess it doesn't matter much in the scheme of things. I didn't promise to do everything I can to help with the "transition," and I think it was a wise move on my part not to obligate myself in that way.

After the meeting, I returned to my little office and waited about ten minutes for my hands to stop shaking. It was hard, but I did it. It was done. No going back. This is really happening and my days here are numbered. I needed to go take a breather in the ladies' room.

On the way there, I was accosted by the HR lady, and she told me to stop by her office on my way back. The letter had made it into her hands, with no time to spare. So I kept the chat light, explained what I was doing, although not in complete detail. (Oddly neither one asked where I was going to school. Yet.) HR lady said she always enjoyed talking to me--and she honestly couldn't say that about everyone in the company, so that was nice of her. Then blahblahblah, schedule exit interview, whatever.

I still had to get some documents out the door, so I did that and then slipped out at 5:00 to my car with a bag of rum and sparkling mojito beverage (having Trader Joe's next to the liquor store is very convenient for a lunchtime run) and headed to my parents' for a relaxing dinner. My mom called me when I was halfway there--eager to find out how it went down, natch. So I chatted (handsfree, don't worry) and told her I'd be there shortly.

Turns out my parents like mojitos, at least the way I make them. I rehashed what had happened, and how I'm dreading my one co-worker's reaction next week--I'm afraid she's going to be mad at me for keeping it a secret, and for "abandoning her." They assured me she'd understand.

It's gonna be weird tomorrow. Originally that co-worker had taken the day off, but she changed her mind and will now be there. I can't say or do anything to tip people off, so on the outside I'll be my usual worker-bee self.

Inside, though, I'm Unemployed Woman Walking.


Lizzie said…
Dave E. said…
Ah...so that's what it was. Sounds to me like you handled it with grace, good for you. That is such a nervewracking thing to do and navigate because even if you have an idea, you don't really know how people will react. Good luck on on the next few days, but the toughest part is behind you I bet.
Mr. Bingley said…
Sounds like you handled it to your credit. :)
Ashley said…
!! How exciting! :)

This is like reading a novel - I just can't wait to see what happens next, YAY!!
Maggie May said…
Congratulations! This is a great step in reaching your goals!
Lindsay said…
Ahhh! I feel like a terrible friend, because I cannot remember what you're in grad school for. Goodness gracious. I have such an excellent memory, and I am forgetting EVERYTHING lately. Also, I have never had a mojito, but if you're ever in the area and would like to make me one...

I'm glad things at least went well. Here's hoping for much better things in your future!
Kate P said…
I take it what I wrote made sense--even if I spelled "department" wrong--hooray!

Lizzie--Woo hoo is right!

Dave E.--I think you hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

Bingley--Only with the grace of God, I think.

Ashley--Telling stories is pretty much what I do best. :)

MM--thank you; it certainly feels that way.

Lindsay--Thanks. I'm studying library science with a specialization in school media. IOW, a school librarian. My final class is twelve weeks in school, learning to teach and manage the library/media center. Which is why I had to quit! :)
Amy Giglio said…
Good for you, Kate!!!
Kate P said…
Thanks, Amy!!!

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