My Life, June to Now

I've been collecting a bunch of small things in order to make one interesting post.  So, what have I been up to?

  • End of school year: Everybody passed (my class, anyway), nobody died during Field Day (and I didn't have to keep anyone out for not returning books/paying overdues--it's the only consequence that motivates, sadly), as of right now I still have the same job, and there are at least two positions that need filling because people retired/moved up.  We said goodbye to a number of families who are transferring; the student body is going to look and feel different come September.
  • Summer Camp: I taught two weeks right after school ended.  Just two kids the first week for typing which was not bad because they were nice girls and loved the "reward" of playing on the library workroom's semi-antique typewriter.  The second week was a little crazy because there were seven girls, some on the way young side who got a bit whiny, but I think they had fun learning about American Girls-related history and doing crafts.  They got hooked on playing Puss in the Corner once they learned it.  Eh, gave me some extra money to get through the summer.
  • End of Summer Camp: Well, the day before camp ended, right after I'd left for the afternoon, the library's A/C unit leaked out and died at the back of the library, ruining the ceiling to boot.  (Books fortunately were spared.)  I tried my best to ignore it as I conducted the last day of camp in the front of the library.  I plan to go back and check on things later this month and I hope it all has been fixed. (Please, Lord, let it have been fixed. Properly.)
  • Vacation: I took a bit of vacation after camp ended: read books, did doctor's appointments, slept in, tried fixing up the place (it's getting there).  Picked up several substitute shifts on the Reference Desk at my public library side job.  I also did the Fast Metabolism Diet, which wasn't always easy but not too terrible.  I cooked a lot, which was fine because I had time to do it.  And I'm down about 10 pounds and I just feel leaner.  Zipping pants I haven't been able to wear in a while, but not back to my ideal healthy weight.  I'll go back on it again when I get back from Leadership Program.
  • Family: A couple of weeks ago, Younger Sister came to visit, and she picked her wedding dress!  I definitely will have more to say about that over on the SOSOB blog, and now I have the full details of how she lost and found her engagement ring, so I can tell that story, too.  She and Mom also helped me fill out a profile for online dating.  Don't get excited--so far, the average age of men looking at my profile is late 50s.  I've already gotten my first encounter with a dipstick out of the way, too, so. . .  not looking too promising just yet and PLEASE GOD WHY CAN'T I MEET SOMEBODY NICE AND NORMAL IRL?  Ahem.  Well, I tell myself Summer is a stupid time for dating and Fall will be better.
  • Leadership Program: Remember this news from oh-so-long ago?  After I post this, I have to go pack because I'm leaving tomorrow after early Mass.  Headed out to Hershey (yup, the Sweetest Place on Earth of which I can't partake thanks to milk allergies) for four days, to do what looks like "Leadership Boot Camp" on paper, but probably will be a fun and educational challenge.  I'm nervous about all the new people, not to mention nervous about leaving The Cat (who will be looked after by Mom), but kind of looking forward to it.  I think it's going to give me the direction I've been praying for the past year, possibly more.

So, posting might or might not be light--who knows, it might be a nice "sanity break" to talk to people outside of the training.  There will be internet access, and I do hope to respond to comments--I might wait until I get home at the end of the week to do a new post--and possibly you might see a tweet or twelve.  (Pretty sure you can look me up by my email address, but if not, drop me an email and I'll give you my Twitter handle.)  See you soon!



Sara said…

I was hoping you'd post before you left. Myself, haven't been able to stop and breathe for weeks... blah.

Hope it all goes well. :)
Kate P said…
It's going O.K. so far, Sara. Hard work, tired from not sleeping well, but good people all around.
I know what you mean--everyone keeps saying, "We need to catch up!" Only none of us is quite there yet. Hang in there!
ccr in MA said…
It's taken me a while to get here to comment! It's good to hear from you, and that things are mostly okay. It sounds like you'll have some more good stories to tell when you have the time to tell them, and I look forward to that.
Kate P said…
I hear you, CCR--it has been a crazy summer! More to come for sure.

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