The Cat is having a very special day today!

She has come a long way through the past year:

Right after her last birthday, she was underweight but still feisty.

In November, her fluffy kitty belly was making its first appearance in a long while.

Shortly before Christmas, we took a long walk down memory lane all the way to her first Christmas.

In January, she found a super-convenient spot to nap.  (For her--not for me!)

And in between all that, she lost her hearing and took up singing at 4 in the morning on the kitchen counter!

For her birthday today, she. . .

Watched an e-card from Mom

Took (another) nap

Let me get her a drink at the local watering hole

Savored the Early Bird (chicken) Special Dinner

Enjoyed an after-dinner cocktail

Figured she was ready for bed

Turned in for the late afternoon

Declared, "No such thing as too many naps!"

Happy birthday to my sweet, fluffy, little-old-lady-in-a-fur-coat roommate!



ccr in MA said…
Happy birthday, gatito splendido! (No, I don't know where the fauz-Spanish came from; let's call it headache hangover and move on.) Enjoy every day like it's your borthday.
Sara said…
Happy birthday little miss!
Kate P said…
CCR--seriously, there's something about her that makes people speak to her in foreign languages! She has been spoken to in Japanese, German, AND Spanish before. It must be her exotic looks. :) She is very appreciative of your well wishes and says, "Merci" (ha ha)!

Sara--Little miss sends you a grateful purr!
Annie Coe said…
Happy Belated Birthday to the CAT!
Thank you for you sweet comment on my blog. So glad the painting makes you happy :-).
Kate P said…
It does! :)

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