More Angst, Car-related and Otherwise

So I just got new brakes on the car, right? At that time, it was inspected and I'd asked about the rear passenger tire that kept running low no matter how many times I put more air in it, and my whiz kid mechanic said it was fine. I had forgotten to ask about the clacking noise I'd been hearing on and off, and this past week it had been getting on my nerves but I hadn't had time to call and ask about that. I was almost afraid to, because I'd heard sort of a clacking noise in the weeks leading to the demise of Cylinder #3 in September.

That darn tire was almost completely flat today. So I took the short drive to my parents' and showed my dad. He borrowed the bike pump from the next door neighbors and refilled the tire so I could get down the street to the mechanic.

This of course means that I will be toodling to work in my mom's decidedly unsexy station wagon (something like this guy), complete with two (2!) baby car seats in the back and 90K on the odometer.

And I can't wait to get the bill for two new tires and Lord only knows what else.

In other news, on Friday the principal called my co-librarian to tell her the person for whom I'm subbing officially resigned. She asked if that was good news for me, and the principal said it was too soon to say anything about there being a job opening. I don't know if this means the only reason they decided not to cut the position last go-around a few months ago was that they were bound to hold it for the person on leave, but that's possible, so. . . Next finance meeting is tomorrow. I wonder if anything hinges on that. Thanks for all your kind words; I just don't know if my performance has any impact at this point.

Some weekend!


Pammy pam said…
dammit i hate that ive been so busy i'vve missed what's going on! sorry to hear about your car hassles, they suck!
keeping my fingers crossed for your job!!
ccr in MA said…
Well, ugh! The car stuff is so annoying, and the job worries can't help. It's hard to wait, but try to hang in there! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Angela Noelle said…
Oh no, I hate car trouble! It's one of the least fun ways I can think of to spend money. Good luck with the job--I didn't realize it was a budget issue. I'll still keep thinking positive thoughts for you!
Pammy pam said…
i'm crushing on you and gave you an award! come claim it on my site:

and you thought you were tired of hearing from me!

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