A Quick Update

I am behind in my movie viewing, but I did finish Dead Man Walking this afternoon (so I could return it on time) and will be posting on that--tomorrow, I hope. We are done with the '90s and will be stepping back a decade next time, so in case you are playing along at home, the first movie from the '80s is Ordinary People. On Golden Pond is on its way to my mailbox for next week. Mousse your hair, scrunch your socks, and slip into some parachute pants to get yourself in the mood.

Today, my co-librarian said she got a bit of unofficial news about what's going on with the person for whom I'm subbing. . . via a personal e-mail, so she couldn't say much. I think she wanted to tell me the job is definitely open but she can't just yet. So it's slightly good news but not much. I just want to know what I need to do to clinch the job if it really is up for grabs. Maybe the administrators don't get to witness it, but I get a lot of thank-yous (in person and via e-mail) from faculty I've helped (and/or whose classes I've helped) and they frequently ask if I know if I'm coming back next year. They'd be crazy not to keep me.

In any event, I'm crazy for still being awake. I gotta hit the hay. Later, blogfriends.


ccr in MA said…
They totally would be crazy, and hopefully they know it. I suppose a petition would be too aggressive? Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Angela Noelle said…
That's great news about the job possibly becoming permanent--I'll bet they hand it to you on a silver platter :) It would be absolutely crazy to hire someone from outside who would just have to learn the ropes. Plus, you work really hard for them and it sounds like people really appreciate you. Good luck!
nightfly said…
Hope you get the job for good!

Re: Ordinary People... it was the 80's by the calendar, but it was the 70's by the style. Parachute pants would actually be an improvement over what you're likely to see when you cue up that puppy. I weep for thee.
Cullen said…
I, too, hope you get the job permanently.

Ah, the eighties. It's funny, my younger daughter (the fashion conscious one) has recently got into these things called Silly Bands. They're rubbery wrist bands that are made to resemble the outline of some object - there are themes. But when worn on the wrist, they look almost just like the jelly bands from eighties. Every old, you know.
Amy Giglio said…
You should print out all of those emails and save them in your "Make Kate permanent" file. Good luck!!
Dave E. said…
Good luck! It wouldn't hurt, even if the job doesn't actually open up, for some of the other faculty to send your boss some "attagirls" about you. You know, "Don't tell me, tell my boss", in a subtle way of course. And don't be shy about making sure your boss knows all of what you are doing. I've been surprised more than once that a boss didn't realize my actual workload and what I had accomplished.
Kate P said…
CCR--thanks! I love the idea of a petition.

Angela--you are too kind.

'Fly--thanks and ha! about the '80s stuff. My Ken doll had parachute pants. No kidding. He was "Great Shape Ken." Absolutely no irony in that name. I see what you mean about the movie but I am totally digging Jeanine's turtleneck/kilt/clogs look.

Cullen--yes! I've seen those bands at school among the 9th graders. My sister and I had tons. And jelly shoes to match, of course.

Amy G--I have definitely saved e-mails. There also was an administrative meeting with all the new teachers that highlighted me as one of the stars of our technology in-service. Completely flattering but also blush-inducing.

Dave--good point there. I have testimonials to call up should the occasion arise!

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