Random Stuff from a Very Full Friday

Whew! Today was crazy.

Got up early to finish a cake I was planning to bring to school (so hard to test recipes when you live alone). It went over very well with my staff and some random teachers who took me up on my offer of chocolate.

First period was insane because we were trying to help set up seating areas and equipment for group presentations to 200+ 9th graders for the following two periods. The presenting group dropped the ball on notifying the custodians they would need, oh I don't know, a cart full of chairs and help setting them up and moving our big heavy tables out of the way? It went O.K., though, and we had a bit of time to get some administrative stuff done because the library was closed to everyone else.

Fourth period, I had to abandon the post-presentation cleanup to hit the auditorium, because I was recruited to round out the team of Student Services (f/k/a Guidance) for "Faculty Feud." We won the first game (vs. Social Studies) but lost the second (vs. Foreign Languages). Total technicality. I have to ask the math department to help the game creators convert raw survey stats into percentages so the points are actually fair. You know, for when I'm around next year. Not that I know that for sure.

That said, all the seniors who had free period were there at the game and gave me a shout-out as I walked back up the aisle after our defeat. Those kids drive me crazy in the library but I think they secretly like me a lot.

I am very thankful for the lovely English teacher who was very kind--not to mention flexible--when I had to relocate her class due to a lunch schedule overlap. If I'm there next year I am determined to find a way to fix the computer labs schedule so we know who goes to lunch when.

I'm not sure I really had much of a lunch break, but most times I don't mind, because people need help and there just aren't that many of us.

More dealings with the secretary who doesn't want to listen to me. I realized today that when she asks me a question, as I'm responding she's not listening to my answer because she's so fixated on the problem. Then she keeps asking more questions, not realizing that I said everything the first time. Seriously, if she asks me about what the deal is with a pile of magazines, and I tell her, "I don't know; I saw [Co-librarian] having a conversation with [some teacher] about them so maybe they're going to somebody's classroom." Does she draw the conclusion that I don't know about about them and decide to talk to Co-librarian? No! "Well, do you think I should do something with them?" What? WHY? And why would I speculate anything further about their fate when I just said I was not part of the conversation???? Arrrrrgh. It's like OMG there's a strange stack of magazines in the office and I must do something with them right now.

On top of that, I'm trying to locate a piece of damaged video equipment that I now might know how to revive, and it's nowhere to be found, except for its box. She is insisting it was damaged and gone long before the school year started, but I remember when this item went bad. I don't get why the #$%! was the box kept if it was trashed. Or why there is no real record about it. My co-librarian got so frustrated with the conversation at the end of the day that she bailed. I suspect she had a bit of a migraine, too, but she rarely ever mentions when she gets them.

I rented Dead Man Walking and Disc 1 of Season 1 of Glee. Not really sure I am going to like either of them but I want to see what all the fuss is about. After that, I stopped at my parents' to drop off leftover cake. They were out with Niece and Middle Nephew, so I fed the three desperate-looking cats dinner (after having prevented an escape by Younger Sister's cat as I was trying to take in the mail at the front door) and left a love note on the counter with the cake.

Other than feeding The Cat and making dinner, I haven't done much of anything since I got home. Oh, I bought an $80 dress for only $52 courtesy of coupons from Younger Sister and survey rewards, plus free shipping because Younger Sister was very nice and let me borrow her charge card. I have been searching for a decent casual summer dress since I lost weight years ago and I couldn't wear my Eddie Bauer pique dress anymore. They don't make good dresses now. [/girly stuff]

I had some good laughs with The Soup and now I think it's time for bed. Gotta sing for another wedding tomorrow and watch some movies.


Angela Noelle said…
GoodNESS!! That is a busy Friday! Your job sounds really fun though--I mean, in a hard working kind of way, but it makes me really want to work in a school. Kids are funny that way. Sometimes it seems like the harder of a time they give you, the more they really do like you! I hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy Glee! I think if you like musicals, you'll enjoy it. The plot is pretty thin, but the musical numbers are phenomenal!
Cullen said…
You're going to love Glee. It's such a fun show.
Amy Giglio said…
Glee is AWESOME though I don't get to watch it as much as I'd like and I think the seniors do like you because teens don't acknowledge your existence if they don't like you.
Kate P said…
Angela--yeah, my job is crazy fun. :) I see what you mean about Glee--silly story, and I don't know all the music, but what outstanding voices on the cast!

Cullen--those first few shows were fun; I have to go back for the rest now!

Amy--you'll never be as behind as I am on Glee, if that helps! Good point about the teens. . . they tend to ignore me only when I'm trying to do some discipline. ;)
Mrs. C said…
LOL Kate! I would drive you nuts in real life! I swear I'm just like that secretary; I need a game plan or something when I see something out of the ordinary going on. I have no clue what to do and am looking for step by step directions. :)

PS Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog!
Kate P said…
Hi, Mrs. C! Maybe you wouldn't drive me nuts if you occasionally could see the big picture--I think that's what we decided the problem is. Most often, she can't see the forest for the trees. You should have seen her ranting to me about the laptop cart yesterday. Heaven forbid someone uses it to LEARN in a ROOM that is "not supposed" to be used SPECIFICALLY for THAT. In her opinion. Ay-yi-yi. :)

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