Quick Tech Quiz

What is the correct response to the following question?

"The computer says, 'Control-Alt-Delete'; does that mean I have internet?"

Bonus points if you can guess who asked me.


ccr in MA said…
Gah. Um, I guess the best answer I can come up with is, "No, the two have nothing to do with each other."

Unless sarcasm is allowed?
Amy Giglio said…
Say, "Uhhhhh....no....." and resist the urge to scream and choke your administrative assistant?
nightfly said…
The wrong answer is, "In Russia, internet have you!" The tempting answer is peals of laughter. But the correct answer is, "No, boss, it doesn't. Maybe we can figure out what's wrong?"
Dave E. said…
I must be in a good mood because I seem to be all out of smart remarks. Maybe, "Not for long." How about, "It's a 50-50 thing. Let's try it. Oh, bummer. Maybe next time."

Or the most likely response: "What are you doing?" :)

And I'm guessing a certain dept. secretary.

wv: calit. "Just calit a day."
Kate P said…
CCR--Sarcasm is totally welcome. In any event, you are correct.

Amy G.--Now that's the spirit!

'Fly--LOL! There was no way I was going down to the other side of the building to check on it so late in the day. . . no idea why she didn't call up from the room. Sigh.

Dave E.--Bingo. It really WAS like a 50-50 chance; she had no idea what she was looking at, and admitted she couldn't be bothered to look at the wires to see if the drop was plugged in. Arrrgh.

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