What is UP with this week?

The good news was that my whiz-kid mechanic didn't have to replace any tires on the car; he fixed the plug or whatever and didn't charge me. (My dad slipped him a couple bucks.)

The board/finance meeting. . . I don't know. Early morning reports from co-workers who attended said that the A word came into play: "Attrition." (See definition #4.) I don't know if it's straight across the board or case-by-case, but what perfect timing that was, a resignation just a few days before the board talks about where they need to cut. My co-librarian seemed a bit stunned.

I have a formal observation on Thursday--I almost want to yell, "What's the point???"

The point is that I need to stay in the moment. Not think about what to add to my resume' and not think about the possibility that my health insurance would expire at the end of June. Just put down my stuff and help a kid out. Heck, maybe a whole class.


ccr in MA said…
Oh, ow. So sorry to hear. Hopefully today brings something pleasant, or at least nothing more unpleasant.
Kate P said…
Thanks, CCR. Well, at least I had pilates class tonight and right now I have a kitteh curled up at my feet (resting against the really warm part of the laptop's power cord, I notice), so. . . those things are good.

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