Warming up the Writing Muscles

O.K., so it's 1:49 on a Monday afternoon and I am about to work on what I hope is the last resignation letter I have to write for a long time.

It's pretty much the launching point for what seems like a crazy week:

* I'm meeting with the potential host of the big end-of-summer-reading thing for the teens tonight;

* last day of work at the bookstore tomorrow;

* a trip to North Jersey later in the week;

* oh, yeah--before that I have to knock out an article for the library's regular newspaper column;

* making do with however many teens show up to help with the book sale;

* and did I mention the apartment management is shutting off the water for the most the day Tuesday & Wednesday to do work? Fantastic!

All these events are pretty much the reason I camped out in my parents' backyard on Saturday (with sunscreen) and finished Along for the Ride. I have thoughts on it but no time now! (O.K., I can say at the very least how weird the cover looks to me.) I also have thoughts on the season premiere of Mad Men but out of fairness to Maggie I'll wait on that, too.

Gonna go finish off that letter now. I hope it goes over all right.


Amy Giglio said…
ooh!!! If you are coming up here and want to stop by we'll be here all week. just email me!

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