A Raincheck on That Sleeping in Wednesday Plan

Got home tonight and there was a message on my voicemail from a school where I'd sent an application nearly two weeks ago. They want me to come in for an interview Wednesday morning. I will have been out late at a ballgame, but that can't be helped. Heck, it might even help me de-stress a bit. I used to go to concerts with my late friend J right before finals when we were in college.

That message was just one of the unusual things that happened today. Earlier in the day, we had a faculty breakfast with some silly stuff and announcements (who got moved to another school in the district, who's going on maternity leave or sabbatical, that sort of thing). I got a paperweight as my parting gift. A lovely pewter paperweight with the symbol of the school where I won't be working anymore. The hot-headed part of me was tempted to see how far I could fling it.

The more sensible side of me shrugged and went for some more coffee to take back upstairs with me.

Definitely the coffee was necessary--it was close-out day, which turns out to be a scavenger hunt of sorts. The checklist you're given requires signatures from various departments, one of which is the library. So we had a parade of teachers coming in, some with arms full of overdue materials, asking us to sign off on the library part of the list that states they don't owe us stuff.

Some teachers owed us a lot of stuff and had no idea where half of it was. I wound up doing some September renewals just to make it easier. (Forgive me for feeling this way, but it's not my problem after tomorrow. Yee-ha.) And you know what? I got thanked by a lot of my fellow faculty. Two of the Social Studies teachers specifically said I helped them be a lot more flexible with their classes. And many teachers said they were sorry I wasn't coming back. (I'm sorry, too!) One teacher apologized because she honestly thought I was under contract and had no idea what had gone down. They're nice people and good teachers--I truly am sad not to be working any further with them.

After the parade slowed--which we realized was because it was lunchtime--my co-librarian and I swept through the building trying to get OUR scavenger hunt for signatures done. It was urgent for me, because I needed to leave early and I couldn't get hold of the principal (last on the list). The secretary wound up pulling the principal out of a meeting so I could get the signature, leave my keys, and get out the door.

Because I had to go get changed and head downtown for an audition. For a game show.

IT WAS A LOT OF FUN!!! I'm pretty tired right now, and my head hurts (probably from being all over the place mentally and emotionally today), but that was a great experience. I don't know what the results will be, but that's O.K. It was good to get my mind off things for a bit and spend time with my dad who only nearly got us killed in traffic once. (New record.)

Tonight, I need to wrap my thank-you gift for my co-librarian and write her a nice card. I have one more book to finish reading and return. (Yeah, technically my list wasn't completely true, but I also didn't hand in my hideous ID badge right then, either.) My library keys are gone so I will not be rushing to get there first thing in the morning, and actually it's not first thing because they decided to make all the schools in the district start at the same time which is the latest time (boooo!).

On second thought, I do get to sleep in a little bit on my last day.

I guess that's all right.

I have some things to look forward to.


Lizzie said…
An interview! And a ball game! And a game show?? What game show? That's an experience I've never had!
ccr in MA said…
Sounds like you're doing pretty well for someone riding such an emotional roller coaster.

Game show?
Angela Noelle said…
Oh, how cool!! Is this a school that you're more interested in than the elementary school? And I'm with the other commenters, game show whaaaa?
Dave E. said…
Is the game show Jeopardy!? Because I've decided I'm going to go ahead and try out for that the next chance I get.
Dave E. said…
huh...where'd the first part of my comment go?

Oh well. That was good luck tomorrow and I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. Hope tonight's game was fun.
nightfly said…
Minute to Win It, right? Don't let Guy Fieri get too touchy.
Kate P said…
Lizzie--the game show does start with J, as Dave E. guessed! It really was FUN trying out. I didn't want to stop playing.

CCR--the only 2 things you have to know when riding the emotional rollercoaster are (1) hold on and (2) the ride has to end sometime.

Angela--I might be more interested, because the students are older, and the commute is much shorter. And yeah, game show, baby! :)

Dave--yup! and thank you! The game was pretty good. I missed the actual SCORING b/c we were out tailgating during the early innings, but it was good to see them hold their lead & win. (Younger Sis OTOH was stuck in a crazy storm at the Nats game.)

'Fly--Guy could put my eye out with that spiky 'do, so I'd keep my distance anyway. ;)

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