Age and Perspective

This past week was a bit of a crazy week--my grandfather (my only living grandparent) was visiting from NJ for his high school reunion. He and his classmates get together to celebrate the fact that they're still here, I think. Not bad for people who are almost 90!

He had a pretty good time. I got to visit with him one night at my parents' and had dinner with them as well as my aunt and a couple of uncles.

This morning after church, I was at my parents' house. We were in the middle of making brunch and my mom had to step outside for something. The kitchen phone rang, so I answered it.

It was my Pop-Pop. Some people have told me I sound like my mom on the phone, so I identified myself, loudly, by my childhood name, so he wouldn't be confused.

He was delighted to discover his #2 granddaughter was on the phone, but immediately he said he missed me and wanted to know when I was coming to visit.

I don't think he remembered seeing me last week.

Man, it's hard to watch people you love grow old. Heck, it's my birthday this week and I'm not too crazy about seeing myself get old. But I figure if I have some of Pop-Pop's genes there's a chance I'll live several more decades, so what's old? Old is always way older than what you are right now, right?

I guess there's a reason I am the age I am right now. Might as well try to enjoy it.


ccr in MA said…
It's scary, isn't it? My aunt, my mother's younger sister, is losing her hearing. When my mother tells me the same thing two conversations in a row, I worry about her. Just sucks.
Anonymous said…
While I was visiting my parents, I went to watch my mom sing with her women's ensemble at an old folks home. I just sat in the back of the room, crying, thinking about how sad, lonely, and scary aging can be. I hope it's not like that for me, but there's really no way of knowing.
Kate P said…
CCR--Everyone I work with in the library is paranoid about dementia. It drives me crazy. I hear coffee wards it all off so I'm doing my part and always talk my mom into having a cup with me!

Angela--Yeah, I think for some it is and some can't even put it into words. My grandfather has outlived two wives and I am very sure he wouldn't mind being married AGAIN. And then there are some who probably aren't aware, which might be a blessing in disguise, although it's weird to say that.
Pammy pam said…
“That man never grows old who keeps a child in his heart” but of course, who wants a child in his heart, right? but whatever!
Kate P said…
In my pop-pop's case it might be a 12 year old child in his heart. . . he's a bit girl-crazy.

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