Pool Party Minus the L

One of the instructions handed to me at the time the hospital turned me loose was that I had to have a certain procedure done about 6-8 weeks from then.

After I made the appointment, I got a packet in the mail that explained to me that this procedure requires certain preparation the night before. After both my co-librarian and the library aide shared their experiences, I stocked up on good TP and magazines in the powder room.

Before I get into the evening's festivities, I get to spend the day consuming only what they call "clear liquids." Which seems odd to me, because coffee (sans creamer) is on the list. If coffee's made right, it's a bit hard to see through.

Vodka, on the other hand, is
nice and clear. I mean, the packet said as long as things aren't colored red or blue, they're all right.

I think they made a mistake.

The least they could do before subjecting me to this procedure is let me relax a little with a real cocktail.

Alas, the only cocktail I'm having involves lemon-lime Gatorade.


Mr. Bingley said…
gin is clear.

oh, so is sambuca :)
Anonymous said…
Ha!!! My favorite clear cocktail is raspberry vodka and club soda. I'm sure that would be entirely acceptable!

Good luck with the "procedure" :)
nightfly said…
Well, you can have coffee. (And in a high enough quantity, it should serve your, uh, purposes.) Who's to say that a little Frangelica might not accidentally fall into the cup while you're stirring it?
Kate P said…
Bingley--right on! Sambuca is good in espresso, too.

Angela--that sounds delicious. Thank you for the well wishes!

'Fly--yeah, the bright side was the coffee. And that WOULD be a fortunate "oops"!
Lindsay said…
Ha! Yeah, what were they thinking? Vodka and gin are absolutely acceptable! Or they should be.

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