In an Attempt to Cultivate Positivity. . .

-- I am glad my dad came home from the hospital last night.

-- My great-uncle has been released from suffering with a long illness. (And my mom picked out beautiful flowers to send up to New England.)

-- It was worth it to be the stand-in for my cousin (who was headed to New England to represent the Philly contingent at the funeral) at the anniversary dinner for the parish where my parents and my grandparents were married. Not just because my mom bought drinks for me and Younger Sister--who was standing in for Hospitalized Dad who was being released after dinner--but also because I wound up sitting next to the grandmother of my music teacher friend from my old job (I can't believe it's been just over a year since we met at orientation). I saw her, too, because she was working her part time job at the caterers.

-- I may have spilled water all over my library book (long story how that happened) but it's still a pretty good read. Only one dangling participle so far. The characters are cool.

-- It has been a gruesome listen at times--and I wasn't much for getting walloped with a ton of exposition at the beginning--but I am hooked on the audio of The Hunger Games (read by Dr. Olivet) and it makes driving to school interesting. I can see why there's so much love for it, but it's incredibly brutal. (And NO I AM NOT DONE YET so no spoilers in the comments, please!)

-- If I can learn how to work the registers for the book fair, maybe spending all day and all night at school tomorrow won't seem like such a long day. Maybe.

I'm on the faculty dinner committee for the night, so that's kind of a positive perk. And I'm just going to laugh my butt off at being told I didn't buy enough candy and cookies for the dinner. I was told to buy for 40 people.

I'm so silly for thinking it was for 40 normal people.


ccr in MA said…
My mother has strong Pollyanna tendencies, which drove me nuts as a teenager, but now I'm the one always looking for a silver lining...

I'm glad that your father is home again.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad your dad is home too! And I'm very curious about The Hunger Game trilogy. I'll have to try and work that into my reading schedule ;)
Kate P said…
CCR--Thanks. Yeah, I fell out of practice with "Learned Optimism" which was a pretty good book.

Angela--thanks! Hunger Games is a pretty good read but LONG.
Dave E. said…
I'm sorry about your great-uncle.

Your dad was in the hospital? Glad to hear he is back home.
Kate P said…
Thanks, Dave. I was kinda bummed I couldn't get up there for the funeral.

Dad's doing all right but the doctors can't figure out what caused it. Unless he did something stupid and doesn't want to admit it--kinda like how Younger Sister lied for YEARS about how she got a concussion at age 4 b/c Mom was gonna be mad.

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