I Guess It's the Age. . .

I stuck around for a bit after post-church scrambled eggs with Mom so I could see the Niece, Middle Nephew, and Youngest Nephew, who were getting dropped off for the afternoon because Older Brother had football tickets and SIL had something to do as well. The kids were building with Duplos (some of which are the originals owned by Younger Sister as a tot, the others a massive eBay win) while waiting to eat scrambled eggs with Pop-Pop (a.k.a. my dad) who had just gotten back from playing for a second Mass.

Middle Nephew, age 4-1/2: We're building a hotel and we're gonna knock it down with all the people and kids in it!

Niece, age 6: [laughs somewhat maniacally]

Me: [fairly horrified at the macabre pronouncement] Um, don't you want the fire engine to come rescue the people first?

Middle Nephew: Nope! [laughs with Niece]

That sense of humor totally comes from their mom's side of the family.


Pammy pam said…
hahah! you just dont understand the rules of the game! EVERYTHING should be knocked down at least once. if people die, oh well...they'll come back to life in the next game. prolly.
Kate P said…
Oh, I was down with the knocking stuff over part. . . it was just the gleeful genocide of Duplo people that bugged me. Or I should say this is the first time they've expressed a concept of death to their "Aunt Kake" before.

They're SO not taking care of me when I'm 85 years old! ;)
Dave E. said…
Hahaha...You kids get the heck away from that cord!
Kate P said…

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