Oh, the stories I want to tell you. . .

--about how I spent New Year's Eve and the cool fireworks and the nice Marine who helped my mom and me not get trampled (he was married so don't go there, but YES it does make me think I wouldn't mind dating a nice single Marine)

--how much FUN it was going back to school and dealing with kids who were not ready to come back and virtually impossible to teach

--The Cat's new behaviors after two weeks on medication

--most likely a report on the ladies' book club meeting tonight because I picked the title and I am afraid some people will haaaate it (and by transference, me)

. . . but all that has to wait, because this week is totally screwed up. I was at a (pretty good) educator workshop today, school will be crazy tomorrow because there's imminent snow, and I most likely will be attending a funeral Thursday after I dig myself out Wednesday, because my Great-uncle R. (UPDATE: he was one-half of the the anniversary couple mentioned here just about six months ago) passed away over the weekend. Arrrrrgh.

Lousy timing. And did I mention I don't like Winter very much???


Dave E. said…
Sorry to hear about your Great-uncle R.

I hope the cat stories are good ones, and like you I am starting to get sorely irked at the lack of promised global warming.
ccr in MA said…
I'm so sorry about your great-uncle.

And everything else of irritation, including the weather. It's supposed to hit us Wednesday, forgive me if I don't jump for joy.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to have you back and hear more details! Hang in there :)
Anonymous said…
Sorry about your Great-Uncle, Kate. Be well, and take your time - we'll be here.
Kate P said…
Thanks a lot, gang. You are all really kind. I'm hanging in there; I'm bummed my sister got stuck at work and didn't come up.
I have been asked to help look after Great-aunt K. (sister of Great-uncle R.; a.k.a. elderly nun with memory problems) because my dad's playing the music and my mom's doing one of the readings. I have to make sure Aunt K. doesn't freeze or slip on the ice, either! Pray for us!

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