Blogiversary, Unresolutions, 2010 Review

I think my blogiversary was a couple weeks ago. Let's see how I did with my "unresolutions" with a bit of the past year in review at the same time.

1. Cooking experimentation. Well, I did a few things, but after getting sick in Aug./Sept., I've sort of been struggling with the new orders. Guess I'll just keep trying.

2. Growing in my new profession. Hmm. I don't know if losing my job--I beg your pardon, finishing out a LTS position and failing to gain the permanent one that opened up--and then starting a new one is growing much. I have yet to attend a professional conference, so maybe I can do that this year. And then figure out where the heck I'm headed.

3. Staying in one place. Done. Staying for another year, mostly because it's cheaper and less hassle than moving. They're raising my rent only $4/month (right on the edge of four-digit rent!). Still hoping those rude people upstairs (and their little dog, too) leave soon. Or that stupid vacuum cleaner they love running at 10:30 at night blows up in their faces.

4. Maintaining my hairstyle. For the most part, yeah, I did. Except that I tried highlights in June and they were wonderful. Got a refresher in August, and even in November I was getting compliments from my sister on them, but now they're getting kind of "root-y" and although I don't want highlights in winter, I need to do something. My hairstylist did send me a 10% off postcard, and I did get a little cash for Christmas, so I think I'll see what she can do this month.

5. Blogging. It's my hope I've been interesting this past year to my dear blogreaders. The Cinematherapy Project got a bit too cumbersome to continue, and frankly it didn't develop as well as I'd hoped.
The adventures will continue, I assure you, even if I'm not sure how I'm going to top auditioning for a game show, being hospitalized, visiting the West Coast, and finding out there's something wrong with The Cat.

What I talking about? I still have mixed feelings about my job. I also haven't dated anyone since (OMG!) March 2008, despite any attempts made by myself or any other well-intentioned people.

Of course I'll have more adventures, then!


ccr in MA said…
There are always more adventures coming. It's just hard for me sometimes to recognize that they're adventures. But I'm trying! As I frequently remind myself when small irritants arise, "If that's the worst thing that happens today, it's a pretty good day."

I am a little concerned, though, that my WVW is "hazed".
Anonymous said…
2010 was definitely quite a year for you, and I'm sure 2011 will be even more exciting ;) Happy new year!
Kate P said…
CCR--Very true; an adventure depends on your perspective!


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