Seriously, Something Has Got to Change

The funeral was lovely, my great-aunts (both the "outlaw" and the nun) are holding up well, and although it was a sucky reason to get together, it was good to see a bunch of relatives I haven't seen in a while. Not to mention it was a bit surprising to be greeted with so many "rock star" or "superstar" comments relating to my appearance on TV.

But d***ed if I wasn't asked repeatedly about my dating life by my doting Pop-Pop* and wonderfully well-meaning uncles.

(*Oh yeah, there also was the out of the blue question about if I'd "thought about entering the convent." Bless his heart. He's 89, so I spared him the "You couldn't pay me enough to live with a bunch of women" discussion. Or that I would hope I hadn't been oblivious to "the call" for a good fifteen years or whatever.)


ccr in MA said…
You know, you're right: even putting the religious aspect aside, the idea of living with a large group of people like that makes me shiver.

My uptight/repressed/WASPy relatives tend not to ask. Thankfully.
Kate P said…
Heh--sometimes I think I'M the repressed one, not wanting to live in a community. Nah, just an introvert, probably.
Lindsay said…
Wow. You know... it mildly irks me when people ask questions like that, because they make it seem like a Plan B when Plan A hasn't come to fruition, as if it's *our* choice when it's really not. Hmmph!
Kate P said…
Lindsay, I think it's secretly acknowledged that my Plan B is "Crazy Cat Lady." :)

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