Sorry, Wrong. . . Door?

Some of you might be aware that many of us in the Northeastern U.S. spent last night getting tons of snow dumped on us.

I myself was winding down the day around 10 p.m. and about to leave the living room to get ready for bed (to be rested for that 6 a.m. "we don't have school" automated phone call) when I heard a scraping noise coming from outside my patio door.

Thinking it was a snowplow in the driveway, I started to walk to the patio door to draw back the curtain a bit--but then I heard knocking on the glass, startling me. I pulled the curtain open, and there's a 20-something guy standing there with a surprised look on his face.

Now, some of my fellow ground floor neighbors use their patio doors for easier access--it lets them and their guests bypass the lobby doors, for one thing. I don't use mine that way. Security reasons, but also my gosh the stuff you can track in entering that way. But whatever. This guy's car was parked right at the curb (in the fire lane) and it appeared he had walked right up the lawn, between two larger planters in the barrier row of several planters that management had offered to appease me after ripping out all the landscaping that gave me a little privacy and kept kids off my patio.

But not this guy, who obviously was having a bad night already because he had to drive in the steady snow that was rapidly accumulating on his parked car.

Him: "Oh, wrong door!"

Me: "Uh, yeah!"

Him: "Sorry"--and he ran off my patio and headed for the patio of my next-door 20-something dude neighbors.

You would've thought the fact that he had to yank open the latched screen door would've tipped him off I wasn't expecting him. And it would've been nice if he'd made up for scaring the living daylights out of me by putting it back before dashing off.

Those guys next door need to put something identifying on their patio door.

Or teach their friends (at least I hope it was a friend and not a weed dealer or something) how to count the right number of patios over from the front door.


Dave E. said…
In some places that could be a dandy way for a fellow to get himself shot. Your neighbors definitely need to work out a better arrangement.
Anonymous said…
Oh my God, I would have had heart failure!!
Kate P said…
Dave--oh, yes, how fortuitous we are not in West Philly. Not that my parents would permit me to live there.

Angela--I tell you, my heart *was* pounding for a bit. Of course, The Cat went into hiding.
ccr in MA said…
That would have freaked me out! I'm glad it turned out to be no big problem, but eep all the same.

(I thought the WVW wasn't supposed to be a real word; "tallow" is a word!)
Kate P said…
Let's just say these guys are getting a bit more fratboy-like as time goes on, CCR. They've got two strikes with me now after this past weekend.

Tallow--do we still use tallow?

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