Oh, You Know--the Same Old Stuff

1. I have no idea what I'm going to wake up to in terms of the weather tomorrow morning. We seem to be right on that snow/ice line, and all I know is that I don't want to spend a hour doing a scary drive watching other cars slide sideways down the street like I did last Wednesday morning. (Only to have an early dismissal a few hours later.)
Oh, and the parking lot where I live is already a skating rink in several spots and has lost several spaces to piles of snow. Let's just take a torch to it all.

2. The Cat wound up over-treated for her hyperthyroidism, and I had to cut her medicine in half. Now she's, well, "consternated." I never thought I'd have to stress over that. I feel a bit pathetic begging her to "go potty." At least she hasn't puked or made-a-statement on my comforter lately.

3. At the end of the school day today, I got an e-mail from the assistant principal regarding changes to the schedule. The kids switch their foreign language classes mid-year (from French to Spanish, and vice versa); however, the Spanish teacher for the younger kids (including my 4th graders) is only part time and has limited availability. That means Art and Library have to get switched around, of course.
I feel bad for the kids and am slightly dreading how they will deal with a new schedule. Not to mention I'm fairly PO'd that now I have a class right after recess/lunch duty on Friday. . . and it's a third of the 4th graders I just told not to scream and leave trash on the tables in the cafeteria.

4. Tonight I was surprised by a Green Screen of Death on my TV. I've had this TV for what, a year? I guess I will mess with the cables and settings tomorrow. . . especially if school is closed.

5. It is only Monday and it feels as if today was a whole week in itself! But it can't be--it's Catholic Schools Week and the madness has only just begun. My school isn't listed there, but you get a pretty good idea of the special events that are canceling my classes and getting the students all riled up!

Woo. Hoo.


Rob said…
Might as well get used to adjusting the medication up and down, Kate. Our cat tends to throw up when he's under-medicated or over-medicated. The wife used to get him tested every time he'd start doing that. Now, she just slides it up or down until she gets it right. She's pretty good at it now. Having a cat that's pretty good about taking medicine helps, though.
Anonymous said…
I hope you had a safe day today! It seems like at the beginning of the winter, everyone is trigger-happy with the school canceling decisions, then by the end of the season they wait until it's too late and everyone is already on the road.
Pammy pam said…
you are like an expert in feline thryoidism!
Kate P said…
Rob--that's my hope, that eventually like your wife I'll be able to figure out what's going on, on my own. And not feel totally weirded out about it all the time.

Angela--it's interesting; sometimes my school's decision is completely the opposite of the decision made by the school district where it's located. But being sick of the wintry storms seems to be an across-the-board feeling.

Pam--I'm getting there! Now, if I could just be an expert at getting The Cat to switch over to her new food completely. . .

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