Alive, Amid the Chaos

Oh, this end-of-the-year stuff is just too much. I just quickly arranged a little awards ceremony for my reading event kids. Gotta get it in before the eighth grade leaves, ya know. They're in the middle of final exams, and the seventh grade seems to think they rule the school now. . . I've had enough of that nonsense.

My co-librarian is stressed out. Our secretary is still being pissy with her and keeps bugging me about things I have no idea about because I was not here last year. I know it seems as if I've been here forever (hasn't it?) but really, inventory is nowhere near the top of my list right now (grades, thank-you letters to the reading coaches, this odd tradition of selling summer reading books in the library, helping this kid finish his history paper--all of that is way more important!). I need her to back off. She's also stressed out about a personal issue and it's really fueling this crabby attitude.

Mark my words, I am proposing quite a few changes for next year.

As soon as I finish out this year.

(BTW, The Cat has issues about eating again. . . looks as if I have to try to change her food so it's not irritating her. Wish me luck.)


ccr in MA said…
Oh, good luck wishes indeed. I hate that feeling. Even when Carlos is just being a prima donna about favored flavors (can boys be prima donnas?), a little part of me gets nervous.

Hopefully Herself straightens out soon. Is she congested, by any chance? I remember with Pan, the vet told me that if cats can't smell the food, they don't want to eat.
Kate P said…
CCR--she might actually have a little nausea. Also, I was told that steroids also can produce personality changes, so. . . I don't know. It's all weird. I just don't want her to get dehydrated and that can happen if a cat is not eating enough (not to mention being a Poozilla).
Rob said…
Sorry about The Cat. Yours has much more serious issues than ours but appetite comes and goes with him now. We're mixing up his diet all the time trying to keep him eating and keep his weight up. In our case, I hope it's just the combination of hyperthyroidism and meds. I don't like to think of the other stuff. Best of luck with yours.
Kate P said…
Rob, I wonder about the hyperthyroid issue, too. That can do a number on the digestion as well.
The probiotics that I just started tonight (see today's post) might be doing something, though--she just polished off the rest of her dinner and is going for the dry food bowl. This is the most I've seen her eat in a few days! I wonder if she just needed something to settle her stomach. . . I don't want to jinx this so I am cautiously optimistic!
Rob said…
Our cat's intestinal issues manifest themselves out of either end. He's getting probiotics and antibiotics.

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