Because I Am a Total Font of Useless Information

Tonight's themed round at trivia was Disney Princesses. As in there are ten pictures of Disney "princess" characters and you must write in their exact names (not the movie titles, although some do coincide).

We have a "movie person" and after writing in a few he just handed the paper and pen to me, so I filled in the rest. . . using "I have a niece" as my explanation.

Yeah, right. She loves Cars and Toy Story. (Not that I've seen all the movies, mind you. I just recognize the characters.)

Obviously it was a pretty high scoring round for most teams, and we were tied with another team for a perfect score for that round. Because we guessed closer to the number between one and ten that the host was thinking, we got the little prize (a t-shirt). Maybe it was bold of me, but I claimed it. I hadn't dared before, because I'm still new to the team and other than the music round (and the Pulitzer round last week) I haven't done a ton of heavy (mental) lifting.

But I really feel that round was mine. Nobody else knew who Esmeralda (not exactly a princess) and Tiana (among others) were.

So glad I don't have classes regularly scheduled for Wednesdays. I'm still a little too wound up to go to sleep.

Victory feels awesome.


Red Stethoscope said…
LOVE IT! I think there were more Disney princess movies when we were growing up anyway. I didn't know who Tiana was, but bring it with Esmeralda, baby! I'm a child of the '80s and I know my Disney!

P.S.-That t-shirt was totally deserved!
ccr in MA said…
You did deserve the shirt! I love me some animated movies, but I would have flunked both of those two. I guess you can be an animated movie fan and still miss some princesses.
Sara said…
So do all non-evil female disney characters count as princesses now?

Kate P said…
R.S.--well, I'm a little older than you are, and I remember that they used to re-release and/or license movies a lot more often or widely back then. I saw "Sleeping Beauty" at a neighboring township's monthly "Saturday Kids' Movie." Of course, that's before everyone had VCRs and cable (particularly premium cable). At least, in my house.

CCR--I will admit that I have not seen the movies feat. Esmeralda, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Mulan. I'm just, well aware. . .

. . . and I have SARA to thank for a lot of that! You sly minx, I thought for sure you'd lurk for longer and I'd be making comments about Peanut the horse first. :)

(In case other readers can't tell, Sara & I go back a ways.)

Yeah, I thought a couple of these were reaching as "princesses," but you know, in the interest of fairness to as many ethnic groups as possible. . . gypsy girls need inspiration, too.
Anonymous said…
Kate - I'm a baby of the 80's too, so I knew Esmerelda. I agree: non-evil female Disney characters get to be princesses. Mulan is my favorite!

Congrats on winning!
Kate P said…
Christine--you are definitely a young 'un then. :) I never really thought much of the princesses as a group until Disney started marketing them that way. . . but the "heroine" concept, for sure.
Anonymous said…
I was already a high-schooler when Mulan came out, I'm not that young ;-)
Kate P said…
Oh, ALREADY? Being in high school in 1998 makes you younger than Younger Sister, so. . . You are still a young 'un to me!

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